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Iran Protests Watch – May 28, 2018

Iran Protests watch

The strike of truck drivers and heavy machineries continued for the seventh day in 257 cities in 31 provinces of Iran

Truck drivers and heavy machines operators continued their strike for the seventh consecutive day in various cities of Iran on Monday, May 28th, 2018.

Drivers continued their strike including in Tehran: Shahin Dezh, Joybar, Ardebil, Sanandaj, Kalaleh; Isfahan; Marand; Poldokhtar; Shahrud; Semnan; Damghan; Bostanabad; Neka; Boldaji; Bijar; Bandar Abbas; Khorramabad; Kermanshah;
Rumshagan; Neyshabur; Kerman ; Hamedan; Delijan; Sanandaj; Rustamabad; Kangavar; Ardebil; Dehgolan; Mashhad; Shahrzad; Kfarud; Piranshahr; Monastery Sara; Fouman and Astara.

In solidarity with the strike of truck drivers in 257 cities, on Monday, Tehran Terminal Barracks workers and staffs joined the truck drivers strike with slogans.: Do not be afraid, Do not be afraid, We are all together; They have called on marketers and businessmen in Tehran to join the strike as well.

Truck drivers in city of Kalaleh built up a long column of trucks and announced the continuation of their strike using sounding horns on the main road of the city.

The clerical regime in fear of a united and powerful nationwide truckers strike in Sanandaj sent in a hurry his special forces to the gathering of protesters. In the city of Kangavar (in the province of Kermanshah), also the clerical regime has sent its agents and has deceived truck drivers that the strike is over. But vigilant drivers did not believe in the deception of the regime and continued their strike. width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

Long lines in gas stations in Sardasht

Following the drivers and truckers strike, there were long lines at gas stations in the city of Sardasht (West Azarbaijan province). The regime’s governor in the city called for people’s calm in a statement in panic about the formation of protests and falsely declared that there is no gas shortage in fuel stations.

Also on the sixth day of truckers strike, oil tankers from the Sanandaj Oil Company (West Iran) expanded their empty food spread to protest lack of their livelihood. The clerical regime sent its law enforcement officers to the site, in fear of spreading this move to general public.

The drivers of oil tankers in Kerman also stopped working. Following the strike of truckers, fresh vegetable whole seller market in Kerman was closed as well.

Iranian drivers in Georgia, in a symbolic act, in solidarity with the striking of Iranian truckers also refused to load their trucks.

Below is a summary of many reports received from inside Iran regarding the striking truck drivers in different cities of Iran:

Rudbar – Rostamabad Truckers joined the nationwide Strike; Truckers in Rostamabad (Rudbar city) joined the strike on the seventh day of the truckers nationwide strike.

• Sanandaj: Seventh day of truckers nationwide strike and their gatherings; The hard working drivers of oil tankers and heavy machinery operators in Sanandaj gathered on the seventh day of truckers nationwide strike in front of Baharan Oil Company. The clerical regime sent its special forces to crackdown the gathering of powerful and united protesters.

• Tehran – Protesting buyers of heavy machines of Saipa Diesel; A crowd of protesters of Saipa heavy Diesel trucks were protesting the lack of delivery of their purchase after 2 years. They gathered within the company’s premise and erected tents, the repressive state security police attacked the protesters and collected their tents along with severely bitting one of the protestors. On the seventh day of the truckers general strike, Tehran’s terminal was closed.

Tehran’s Terminal also joined the general strike with the slogan “Do not be afraid”, we are all together.

• Ardebil – The seventh day of nationwide truckers strike; Trucks and heavy machinery operators continued their strike along with strikers of other cities throughout the country for the seventh consecutive day. Truckers demonstrated at the three ways of Quarim in front of the transportation town on the seventh day of the strike. The clerical regime’s special anti-insurgency forces and law enforcement officers are queuing up against these truckers to keep them from protesting.

• Joibar – The seventh day of the truckers general strike; The strike of truck drivers and heavy vehicles operators continued along with other cities around the country for the seventh day.

• Kangavar – The clerical regime applied many tricks to ban the truckers strike, including “announcing Mojahedin will explode Bombs” along with many other tricks, threats and twisting arms that have been used to terminate truckers general strike. The striking truck drivers and heavy vehicles operators continued their strike alongside other cities across the country for the seventh day without paying attention to government’s false tricks.

• Kalaleh, Bandar Abbas: Clashes of striking truckers with clerical regime’s repressive force; The passengers and cargo transit terminals of Tehran, Qazvin and formerly called Bandar Shahpour also joined strike and closed terminals.