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Iran Regime’s Fear, of the Continued Courageous Protests, in the Oil Rich City of Ahvaz

NCRI – Sunday evening February 19, after security forces declared all demonstrations illegal, and the local police issued a statement calling on people to refrain from “illegal gatherings,” warning that they would be “confronted” if they took part.

The people of Ahvaz once again for the seventh consecutive day gathered in front of Khuzestan province city hall and protested.

The demonstrators chanted: “Death to you” (addressed to heads of state and representatives of Ahvaz in Khuzestan Governor’s Office) and shouted: “Khuzestan people are ready to be killed but will never accept humiliation. And ” “Honorable Southerners, support us.” “If our problem is not resolved, Ahvaz will be the scene of resurgence.”

It is noteworthy that over the past week every day, protests over dust storms, power failures and government mismanagement in one of Iran’s most oil-rich cities have been continuing.

Residents of Ahvaz, a city near the border with Iraq, has been protesting for Seven days in increasingly large gatherings, shown in cellphone video clips shared on social media.

The region around Ahvaz is a center of oil production in Iran, and since economic sanctions were lifted, Iran’s regime has been hoping for foreign investment in the area to update refineries and power stations and fix deepening ecological problems.

It is also remarkable that, frightened of these protest rallies expanding, the Iranian regime has dispatched anti-riot and the Revolutionary Guards’ Basij militia groups from neighboring Fars Province to Ahvaz, and meaningfully lowered the internet speeds in Ahvaz to prevent the uploading of any video clips showing people’s demonstrations and protests.

On Saturday February 18, Saluting courageous people, youth and women of Khuzestan, especially distressed people of Ahvaz, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi , president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, asked them to intensify their just protests and to insist on their urgent demands for minimum necessities of life such as clean weather, water and electricity.