Friday, December 1, 2023
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Iran: Tehran’s Evin prison filled with protestors

 NCRI – The Iranian regime has filled the notorious Ward 209 of the Evin prison which is run by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security and it is uniquely designed to hold political prisoners is jammed with protestors picked up by the security agents.

“The cells in the block which normally hold only 1 or 2 prisoners now are housing 5 to 6 prisoners,” a report says.

Currently there are over 700 detainees, mostly youths who participated in recent protests, in Ward 8 of the prison. The facility has the capacity of 170. The prisoners of Ward 8 have been transferred to Ward 7. 

Alborz, the main cell block of an infamous ward known as Quarantine is now holding over 2000 fresh prisoners.

The solitary confinements in Ward 240 and Ward 241 are now holding more than three prisoners.