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Iran Will See Great Change in 2019

Iran Will See Great Change in 2019

By Staff Writer

The nationwide anti-regime protest movement of 2018, indicates that 2019 will be a year of great change for Iran, according to a new report by Iran News Wire, with the very real potential for the overthrow of the Regime.

In late December 2017, a massive demonstration over the release of a draft budget that cut funding for the poor and increased military spending rocked the northeastern city of Mashhad, but within 24 hours the tune of the protest had changed and the people were turning on the mullahs.

This anti-regime movement spread quickly to 142 cities, with angry Iranians calling out Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani and demanding regime change.

The Regime moved to suppress the demands of the Iranian people, by sending in security forces, gunning down protesters in the street, arresting and torturing activists, but they failed to stop the protest movement. It has only grown since, across cities and sectors of society. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a place in Iran that hasn’t seen regular protests throughout 2018, from workers, teachers, students, bazaar merchants, truck drivers, pensioners, employees, cheated investors, and many others besides.

The initial demands vary by sector, but all protesters agree that the Regime is incapable of meeting their demands or even their minimum needs. Iran’s economy has sunk dramatically this year alone, with the rial losing 70% of its value of the global exchange market, and absolute poverty affecting roughly a third of the population. After decades of corruption, looting, embezzlement, and mismanagement, they know that it is time for the Regime to go.

The Regime may try to put on a strong front, but the mullahs admit to their fears of being overthrown in public statements. They know they are close to the end.

On December 12, Khamenei accused the US of trying to “create dispute and civil war with the help of sanctions and counter security measures”, whilst saying the Iranian Resistance and the US had created a situation inside Iran this year that they would hope to capitalise on next year.

This shows that he is scared of the protests continuing and desperate to blame anyone for the protests, except for the real cause: the mullahs. This is nothing new of course, in August Rouhani tried to blame the protests of foreigners for “exerting pressure” on Iran. All it shows is that the Regime truly is out of options, so it’s turning to what it knows best: terrorism, missile tests and domestic suppression.

Nikoo Amini wrote: “Undeniably, the force that will bring the system to its knees will be the massive wave of popular protests and the organized uprising of the Iranian people. Iran’s protests have become more widespread, unified and have reached new depths as protesters’ intend to bring down the regime.”