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132 MEPs: It Is Time to Recognize the Right of the Iranian People to Defend Themselves and To Overthrow the Iranian Regime

European Policymakers Have Willfully Embraced Increased Danger of Iranian Attack
European Parliament

In a statement published on October 5, more than 130 Members of the European Parliament from different political groups supported the Iranian people’s protests and their call for regime change.  

They also condemned the regime’s brutal repression of protesters while referring to the mullahs’ four decades of crimes against humanity, such as massacring over 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988.  The MEPs also highlighted the vital role of the organized opposition and the Resistance Units in sustaining these protests. 

“The prospect of change in Iran has never been this accessible. It is time to recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves and to overthrow this regime, and to establish a free and democratic Iran,” the statement reads in part.  

The full text of the statement is as follows: 

Support the Iranian people’s uprising 

Condemn brutal suppression of protestors 

4 October 2022 

Since mid-September, protests and anti-regime uprisings have spread all over Iran. The protests by women and youth have so far expanded to more than 170 cities in all 31 provinces. Demonstrations are taking place in 45 major universities. The protesters, chanting the rallying cry of “Death to Khamenei,” seek to overthrow the unelected religious dictatorship. The repressive forces fire tear gas and live ammunition at the protesters. 

The new round of uprisings was sparked when Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman from Iran’s Kurdistan province, was arrested in Tehran under the pretext of mal-veiling and was murdered as a result of police beatings. As of October 1, at least 400 demonstrators have been killed and countless others have been injured, and over 20,000 arrested. By disrupting and disconnecting the Internet in large parts of Iran, the regime is trying to prevent the transmission and dissemination of news and images of protests, the true dimensions of the uprising, and finally revelations regarding the scope of its massacre and suppression. The international community must guarantee free access to the Internet for the people of Iran. 

Resistance Units and the organized opposition are taking serious risks to play a vital role in organizing and sustaining these protests while putting up a resistance front against repression. 

Over the last 40 years, executions and repression have been carried out by Iran’s current leaders, such as All Khamenei and the regime’s current President, Ebrahim Raisi. Amnesty International has repeatedly called for the prosecution of Raisi for his role in the massacre of political prisoners in 1988. In that year, 30,000 political prisoners, 90% of whom were from the PMOI/MEK, were executed in accordance with Khomeini’s fatwa. During the uprising of the Iranian people in November 2019, more than 1500 demonstrators were killed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). 

The prospect of change in Iran has never been this accessible. It is time to recognize the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves and overthrow this regime and establish a free and democratic Iran. 

In view of the above facts, we, the undersigned, issue the following call to the European Union, HR/VP, United Nations and its member states: 

1- Strongly condemn the killing of demonstrators in Iran and take urgent measures to stop this repression. The dossier of this regime’s crimes must be referred to the United Nations Security Council and those responsible for committing such crimes must be brought to justice; 

2- Make any relations with Iran contingent upon the halt of executions, domestic repression, and the crackdown on protests and dissent and a release of all those arrested during the recent uprising; 

3- Help the Iranian people have free and unhindered access to the internet in response to the regime’s internet shutdown and blocking of social media platforms; 

4- Impose punitive measures on those responsible for the latest deadly crackdown and regime leaders like Raisi in line with EU’s Magnitsky-style laws as required by the European Parliament; 

5- Recognize the Iranian people’s democratic aspirations, their organized Resistance movement, and their right to establish a free, democratic, and secular Iran. 

Support Iranian peoples uprising - October 2022