Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Protests in south-west Iran over desecration of statue


NCRI – A mob of Islamic fundamentalists have defaced the statue of a famous Iranian figure in the Iranian constitutional revolution in broad daylight with the Iranian regime’s police looking on and refusing to arrest the bandits.

The incident took place on Saturday at As’ad Fort in Junqan, in Iran’s central Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.

The statue was of General As’ad Bakhtiari, who was among the leaders of Iran’s 1906 constitutional revolution.

The statute was supposed to be unveiled in the coming days when the fort was supposed to be transformed into a museum on the constitutional revolution.

The local mullah in Junqan had protested the prospective inclusion of the statue in the museum in the days before it was desecrated, and locals suspect that his agents had carried out the defilement. Local reports say the mullah in the town has now fled the area.

The incident has provoked a string of protests by Iranian Bakhtiaris in nearby towns.

Protests took place on Monday in Ahwaz (south-west Iran), Masjed Soleyman (western Iran), Shahr-e Kord (central Iran) and Shushtar (western Iran) against the destruction of the statue. In all of the protests, the demonstrators were attacked by the suppressive state security forces.

During the demonstration in Ahwaz, a number of Bakhtiari compatriots were arrested by the suppressive state security forces.