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Regime prosecutor issues threats ahead of Fire Festival

NCRI – As a major celebration for the Iranian people approaches, the chair of the regime’s judiciary in Tehran has warned young people to refrain from protests.

The Iranian people mark the eve of the last Wednesday of the year with fireworks celebrations and bonfires. The “Fire Festival” has become an occasion for the people to express their anger towards the regime by participating in nationwide protests.

 Alireza Avai, the regime’s chief of judiciary in Tehran, whose comments were published by the state-run ISNA on Sunday, said, “The youth should be mindful of becoming the tools of anti-revolutionary forces.”

He threatened, “If anti-revolutionary forces infiltrate the youth’s camp, then it will be very difficult to differentiate one from the other.”

He called on families to stop young men and women from holding Fire Festival ceremonies.

He also expressed worries that the celebrations will once again turn into anti-regime protests, saying, “Anti-revolutionary forces want to use the cover of the youth, who are simply looking for some excitement.”