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Suppressive forces heavily present in streets of Iran capital to prevent protests

SSF in Tehran, June 30, 2009Uniformed and plainclothes agents of the regime’s police were out in force across the capital Tehran and other cities on Tuesday to prevent any anti-government protests from forming. We received numerous reports that agents brutally attacked small gatherings, beating and arresting people.

In various districts of Tehran people in groups of several dozen tried to gather in major squares such as Vanak, Sadeghieh, Tajrish, Enqelab and Vali-Asr but encountered large numbers of repressive forces.

In Tehran, the families of those killed or arrested during the recent anti-government demonstrations staged a protest across Hosseinieh Ershad, a well-known religious institute in Tehran. The regime’s State Security Forces attacked them to force them to disperse.

An eyewitness reporting from Enqelab Square said there is a heavy presence of SSF agents there. The agents attack groups of people arresting them. 

In Vali-Asr Square the agents harass the youths. “There are many uniformed agents riding motorbikes and maneuvering in the street in a bid to spread fear,” a report said.

In Tabriz, north-west Iran, SSF agents are stationed throughout the city. They use loud speakers to warn against any gathering.