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Canadian MP Judy Sgro: Iran’s Regime is Behind the Killing in Middle East and Ukraine

Judy Sgro 2024

At a major conference that was held in Paris to honor World Women’s Day, Judy Sgro, a former Minister and sitting member of the ruling Liberal Party from Canada conducted her speech.

Highlighting the Iranian regime’s role in the bloodshed that has been killing Israelis, Palestinians, Ukrainians, and people from other nations, she highlighted the necessity to take action and vowed that the Canadian government is going to take steps to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity.

Reminding her long-time support of the Iranian Resistance, MP Sgro called upon the prominent leaders and legislators present in the conference to actively engage in the struggle for a free Iran and help the Iranian Resistance to bring freedom and democracy to Iran and peace to the world.

The full text of MP Judy Sgro’s speech follows:


Wow. Good afternoon, Madame Rajavi, and to all of these fabulous leaders that you have here in the audience and on the stage. I’m here, I don’t know whether this is my 10th time or my 12th time, but every time I leave even more inspired by the leadership of Madame Rajavi and her whole team.

Their dedication and commitment is unbelievable. When I watched that video of the young women it reduced me to tears and I’m sure it reduced many of you to tears. We have an obligation of citizens of the world to have a safe world and Iran poses a very distinct opposition to that.

Those young women in that video don’t ask for anything else but a chance to be free to be proud of their country and to live in a free and democratic Iran. That’s all they want and it calls upon us as leaders, as members of Parliament to do that, but it also calls on each and every one of you in this audience and anyone that is watching, and I know there are many, to not sit there, to take your responsibilities as members of this world that we live in, to talk about what is going on in Iran.

Iran, in my opinion, is behind everything going on in the Middle East and what is going on in the Ukraine thousands and thousands of people, whether Israeli, Palestinians, Ukrainians, or others, are dying and Iran is delivering the instruments of war.

Whether it’s drones or this or that, they are delivering that and they are trying to distort public opinion and get people looking somewhere else, not looking at Iran, go look everywhere else. Well, Iran does all of this terrible stuff to try to get people to forget about them when they are the source and until Iran is free and democratic and has opportunities for everyone else, they’re going to continue to mess around in other people’s lives.

So I behold all of you, don’t just enjoy today and say Madame Rajavi and NCRI and all the wonderful team you have are great people. That’s terrific. We’ve heard wonderful speeches and inspirational speeches from everyone, but it takes many, many more people than is in this room. It takes all of us to talk to our friends and talk to our neighbors and tell them to pay attention to what’s going to Iran and we’ve got to hold Iran accountable.

It cannot continue to get away with what it does. I want… If your interpreters were trying to interpret my speech, as usual, I rarely ever say what’s in the notes that I’m supposed to say, but I’m here with love for all of you.

We will continue as a country, as Canada, but we need all of you, as I said, to be louder, louder, louder voices. It calls on all of us as parliamentarians to have louder voices, but also the rest of the world.

And I must share a little bit of a political message with you, that Canada continues to seize the assets of many people who have been tied to the IRGC in Canada. They seize the assets and then they are deported. And the next step that I am told that Canada is going to take, hallelujah God you’re there, they’re going to… IRGC is going to be named a terrorist organization in the very near future.

So, as I stand together with my colleague, Canada is with you, the world is with you, but we’ve got to really be with you, which means we really got to do some of this work too. We can’t just leave it up to Madame Rajavi and her team and think we’re just going to be there to enjoy a free and democratic Iran.

It’s going to take every single person sitting in a chair in this room, sitting up there. You all, we all have a responsibility, and until we have a free and democratic Iran none of us should be at peace because that affects our whole world and our lives and our children and grandchildren.

God bless all of you and thank you for the invitation to be here. Thank you.