Friday, September 22, 2023
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Cheney: Natanz uranium enrichment program first disclosed by Iran’s political opposition

NCRI – In an interview with Politico Magazine on December 6 , US Vice President Dick Cheney emphasizing on the Iranian Resistance as the first party that disclosed the Iranian regime’s nuclear program said: I don’t have any reason to question the — what the community has produced, with respect to the NIE on Iran. Now, there are things they don’t know. There are always — there’s always the possibility that the circumstances will change. But I think they’ve done the best job they can with the intelligence that’s available to give us their best judgment on those issues.
Vice President Dick Cheney in response to a question about the continuation of threat by the Iranian regime said that: "The reality is that if you go back to a few years ago, Iran had two programs. They had one program to enrich uranium that was headquartered in Natanz, which was covert until it was disclosed in about 2002, if you remember, by political Opposition figures inside Iran. And Iran at that point acknowledged, yes, they do have an enrichment program at Natanz. And after that it was subject to IAEA inspection. They had a separate program, we now know, based in part on the latest NIE — the covert program that was aimed at the weaponization of fissile material for the creation of a nuclear weapon.
Emphasizing that he was still concerned about the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, he added: There’s nothing in the NIE that said we should be — not be concerned about their enrichment activities.

In August 2002, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) revealed the Iranian regime’s clandestine nuclear facilities at Natanz and Arak.