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Conference in Italy Advocates Global Support for Iranian Resistance

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On Thursday, February 21, a session was held at the Provincial Council of Piedmont, Italy, in collaboration with the Provincial Council the Human Rights Committee of the Province, and the Association of Free and Democratic Iran. The session titled “Iran: From Internal Repression to Middle East Instability, What Is the Solution?” took place in the council chamber.

The session, attended by the head of the Provincial Council and several council members, featured a video message from Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as well as a speech by Senator Giulio Terzi, former Foreign Minister and President of the 4th Permanent Senate Commission of EU Affairs.

Stefano Allasia, the head of the Provincial Council and the head of the Provincial Human Rights Committee, opened the session by stating, “The uprising of the Iranian people has drawn the world’s attention, albeit at a heavy cost, as the Iranian regime has engaged in widespread suppression.”

He emphasized that no one can remain indifferent to these conditions, noting that the Iranian regime violates international laws and treaties, including political, civil, and even children’s rights treaties. He highlighted the deep crisis engulfing the Middle East, underscored by the active role of the Iranian regime.

Mr. Allasia called upon the international community to neutralize the destructive role of the Iranian regime to prevent the victimization of innocent people.

Sara Zambaia, Advisor to the Provincial Governor and Vice Chair of the Provincial Human Rights Committee stated during her remarks, “Our goal, in collaboration with other friends, is to address the issue of the Iranian regime and find a fundamental solution to this crisis. Our audience consists of those who are well acquainted with the situation in Iran and have been fighting for years.”

Senator Giulio Terzi, addressed the meeting, highlighting the resounding voices of Iranians against tyranny and underscoring the regime’s execution of 882 individuals in 2023 and the hanging of 86 prisoners in January alone. He attributed the turmoil in the Middle East to the regime’s organization of terrorist attacks and its support for proxy forces across the region.

Moreover, Senator Terzi condemned the regime’s attempts at terrorism in Europe, including the foiled bombing plot targeting the annual gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte, near Paris in 2018.

He warned of the regime’s escalating aggression, particularly amidst the conflict in Gaza, and the resurgence of the nuclear crisis. Amidst Tehran’s relentless efforts to undermine opposition groups, including the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the NCRI, Senator Terzi stressed the need for robust international support for the Iranian Resistance. He also called for unequivocal support for Mrs. Rajavi’s “Ten-Point Plan” for a democratic, non-nuclear Iran, based on secular governance, gender equality, and human rights, ultimately advocating for a free and democratic Iran.

Giampiero Leo, Vice Chair of the Human Rights Committee of Piedmont Province, remarked that the crisis in the Middle East has its roots in Iran, which he referred to as the main source of destabilization due to its warmongering policies. He emphasized that the regime’s systematic suppression knows no bounds, particularly in its treatment of women. Vice Chain Leo called for complete solidarity in supporting the Resistance movement in Iran, stating that Iran possesses a credible alternative that has expanded significantly in recent years and deserves the support of all.

Silvana Accossato, a member of the Provincial Council from the Green Equality Freedom Party, highlighted Mrs. Rajavi’s leadership in the struggle for democracy, emphasizing the need for international support amid systematic human rights violations in Iran and ongoing crises in the Middle East. She underscored the duty to support the Iranian people’s national will and organized Resistance, urging the international community to actively engage and distance itself from commercial and military interests with the Iranian regime.

Sean Sacco, a council member from the Five Star Movement, expressed solidarity with the Iranian youth and their quest for freedom, calling for support for their movement. He denounced the regime’s religious rule and emphasized the importance of exposing and neutralizing the regime’s propaganda networks everywhere.

Carlo Riva Vercellotti, a council member from the Brothers of Italy Party, condemned any form of terrorism, human rights violations, and nuclear projects by the Iranian regime. He advocated for support of the Iranian Resistance, including Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan, stressing the crucial role of the MEK and the NCRI in the fight for freedom.

Tullio Monti, the head of the Association of Free and Democratic Iran, presented a comprehensive report on the regime’s terrorist activities and its network in the region, highlighting the resilience of the Iranian Resistance against suppression and terrorism. He emphasized that the only fundamental and democratic solution lies in the overthrow of the regime, calling on the world to support Iranian youth and resistance for freedom and peace. Monti underscored that condemning alone is not enough; there must be a departure from appeasement policies and support for the Iranian Resistance to bring an end to the regime’s rule.

Valter Coralluzzo, an International Relations professor at the University of Turin, provided an analysis of the situation in Iran, stating that there is no moderation in the regime. He pointed out that the current president was part of the Death Committee responsible for the mass execution of thousands of political prisoners in the summer of 1988. Coralluzzo highlighted Maryam Rajavi and her Ten-Point Plan, emphasizing its broad international support. He suggested that a political revolution is underway in Iran, leading towards the regime’s downfall, with the Iranian Resistance under Maryam Rajavi’s leadership offering a renaissance in the region’s prospects.

Mahmoud Hakamian, a member of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Commission, addressed the regime’s demonization of the NCRI and the MEK. He discussed the regime’s attempt to hold a show trial against the leaders and members of the Iranian Resistance, illustrating the regime’s desperation to maintain power. Mr. Hakamian emphasized the need for Europe to take necessary actions to combat the regime’s terrorism, including expelling Iranian agents from European countries and closing its embassies, particularly listing the IRGC as a terrorist organization by the European Union.

Dr. Yousef Lesani, Vice President of the Association of Free and Democratic Iran, concluded the session by discussing the regime’s reliance on domestic suppression and foreign terrorism to sustain itself. He criticized Western countries’ appeasement policies toward Tehran, which sacrificed human rights in Iran. Dr. Lesani highlighted the expansion of the MEK-led Resistance Units despite the regime’s efforts to suppress them.