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During Raisi’s Rhetoric at UNGA, Iranian’s Rally in New York Deplores The Mass Murderer


On Wednesday, September 21, while the uprising in Iran has spread over more than 25 provinces and 35 cities, while men and women all across Iran are crying for equality, freedom and the right of a life with dignity, Iranians in diaspora organized major protests in New York to denounce the regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi for crimes against humanity and genocide.

As a key member of the “Death Commission” since 1988, Raisi has executed tens of thousands of political prisoners to climb the ladders of power. Henceforth, he continued to serve in the murderous judiciary system of the regime and executed thousands of Iranians until he was handpicked by the Supreme Leader Khamenei to lead his regime during the most turbulent times.

Despite international calls and active investigations for persecuting Ebrahim Raisi for his crimes against humanity and genocide, he attended the United Nations General Assembly, addressed world leaders, and lectured the international community about freedom, democracy, human rights, and fighting terrorism.

Following months-long activism and tireless efforts, Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance continued to call out the international community to stand firm against Tehran and relayed the cries of their fellow countrymen and women inside the country.


Via a video message, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran addressed the rally in New York and said: “From Saqqez, Sanandaj, and Divandarreh, to Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Mashhad, Rasht, and other cities of Iran, brave protesters have shaken the pillars of Khamenei’s oppressive rule with their chants of “From Kurdistan to Tehran, Iran is drenched in blood,” “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is illegitimate,” and “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the (mullahs’ supreme) leader.”

“The protesters’ cries reinforce the expanding and effective activities of the MEK Resistance Units across the country, which have sounded the regime’s death knell. Iranian people have risen for freedom. Those who admit the murderers of the Iranian people to the United Nations should be ashamed.”

“Ebrahim Raisi has the blood of 30,000 MEK and other political prisoners on his hands. He has been involved in handing down criminal death sentences for many years. As the head of the mullahs’ Judiciary, he is responsible for killing 1,500 youths during the November 2019 uprising. The number of executions has doubled during his term in office. Raisi is the murderer of the Iranian people, not their representative. He must be prosecuted, not allowed into the United Nations.”

“Today, Khamenei is himself in the throes of death. The public’s enormous hatred toward Ebrahim Raisi, as well as the decay and decline of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), signal the clerical regime’s end. Khamenei and Raisi drag their dying regime from one day to the next through the monthly executions of dozens of people, the monthly printing of 500 million dollars’ worth of banknotes without backing, multiplying the prices, and starving the people. In contrast, the struggle and sacrifice of the MEK and Resistance Units give people hope and encourage them to prepare for the final uprising to bring down the mullahs.”

“Khomeini and the regime’s current leaders did not know that the roaring blood of the martyrs would one day drown them. They did not know that seeking justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre would contribute to the movement to overthrow the regime.”

“The Iranian people and Resistance call on the UN member states to expel the clerical regime from the United Nations and all international forums. I urge the current session of the United Nations General Assembly to take immediate action regarding the clerical regime’s crimes against women, especially the crimes and daily killings by the mullahs’ guidance patrol. All governments should predicate their relations with the mullahs’ regime on the halt to executions, the suppression and killing of protesters, and the destruction of the regime’s terrorism machine and hostage-taking. They should officially recognize the right of the Iranian people to regime change and the right of Iran’s rebellious youths to fight against the regime’s terrorist Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).”


Former United States senator Robert Toricelli said: “Raisi can call himself a president. We call him a murderer. Raisi wasn’t elected. He was chosen. The election was a sham. He’s no president.”

“What is the regime he represents? His government sent a diplomat with a bomb in a diplomatic pouch to plant it in a peaceful gathering to take out lives. Raisi is the head of that regime. That is the person who just spoke to the General Assembly.”

“We gathered because we will never forget what Iran was and we will never stop fighting for what Iran must become. We say to the world, what is right for Ukraine is right for Iran. The Ukrainian people deserve to be free, raise their children, be prosperous, and so do the people of Iran.”

“Mrs. Rajavi, you have given your life for this struggle. We admire your courage, your steadfastness, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with your community and your leadership.”


Former US Senator Sam Brownback stated: “The people of Iran are rising to claim their rightful place as a free people. Raisi doesn’t deserve to address the UN. He deserves to be tried for the crimes he committed against his own people. We want justice for the people of Iran.”

“We declare today freedom for the people of Iran. That’s what we are for. We declare the end of the dictatorship over Iran. That’s what the people want. We declare the human rights of the people of Iran. The alliance of dictatorships will crumble.”

“Your words from inside Iran will be silenced no more. There is nothing noble about Iran’s dictatorship driving a rich nation to the ground. Iran deserves so much more. The end is coming soon for this tyrannical leadership in Iran.”

“The growing protest and opposition movement, the boiling point has been reached. The desire for change can no longer be suppressed. Free Iran! Free Iran!”


Ms. Kira Rudik, Leader of the Voice of Ukraine Party told the rally: “It’s been seven months since Russia decided to occupy my country. One day Mrs. Rajavi reached out and said that you have been fighting for so long and are ready to share her experience so that nations that fight for freedom can stand together. Thank you for this!”

“We armed ourselves to stand against the dictator who came to kill us. We will not stop until every single Russian soldier is out of Ukraine. People are asking do you want peace? We say we want victory! You do not make peace with a dictator who comes to destroy everything you love. You do not make peace with someone who destroys every international law.”

“We are here to support each other as the free nations of Ukraine and Iran! People of free Iran. During these seven months, there were tough times when we didn’t know if there was hope. During these times, I told myself what Mrs. Rajavi told me: We can and we must!”


Former US Senator Joe Lieberman said: “I am proud again to stand with you today against Raisi, against Khamenei, and for freedom for the people of Iran. History is full of examples where regimes that nobody thought would be toppled have been overthrown.”

“I predict to you that the days of this evil regime are limited. We will bring it to an end. We will bring freedom to the people of Iran.”

“The mullahs have taken the resources of this nation and brought it to themselves and spent it on their own priorities. The people are restless, they are angry. What does Khamenei do? He brings the most brutal of leaders, Raisi. He thinks that it will scare the people. But it hasn’t worked.”

“Today, this murderer is speaking to the organization that was founded to protect the peace. The protests are growing. The people of Iran, led by the resistance of Iran, supported by the NCRI and MEK, continue their protests.”

“They’re not afraid because they believe in their cause, because they know that they deserve to live better.”

“You never know when it is going to happen. This regime is under stress. The more brutal Raisi and his thugs become, the more people stand up for their rights. The regime has brought death and destruction across the region and the world, and even here in the U.S.”

“Raisi is a thug. We asked the administration to deny him a visa, but they didn’t. And when he arrived here in New York, he was greeted by a Secret Service detail. He should have been greeted by the police to be arrested and sent to the Hague to be tried for crimes against humanity. That is where he belongs.”

“The agreement with the regime is not the stronger and longer agreement that President Biden promised. It is shorter and weaker. It’s time for a change in the policy toward Iran. It’s time to leave the futile negotiations with Iran. It’s time to sit down with our allies in the Middle East to plan a new strategy for Iran.”

“The choice is clear. There is an alternative. It’s time to acknowledge that the regime in Iran will not change. It is time for us to change the regime and free the people of Iran. The resistance within the country bravely grows stronger, supported by the NCRI.”

“Under Mrs. Rajavi’s leadership, the NCRI has a plan for democracy for when the regime falls. Her plan will make Iran a free and non-nuclear democracy that will become one of our great allies.”


Dr. Siamack Shojai told the rally: “Since the 1979 revolution, the clergy took over and ruined all the hopes and aspirations of the Iranian people. For the last four decades, you have sacrificed a lot. You and the Iranian people will achieve the freedom you have always been seeking.”

“To the policymakers in the US and UN and EU capitals: regardless of which party is in the White House, I request that you look at history and see that the policy of appeasement will not stop the mullahs from acquiring nuclear weapons and will endanger the lives of millions of Iranians. We need regime change.”

“Honorable Secretary-General of the UN General Assembly, clean your hands again and again. Because you shook the hands of the murderer Raisi who killed thousands of the best Iranians who stood for freedom. He should be prosecuted, not welcomed to the UN.”

“To the capitals of European countries who are following the appeasement policies. Expel the regime’s diplomats and close their embassies. Expel them and give their seats to the true representatives of the people of Iran.”


Prof. Kazem Kazeroonian said: “The cries of anger that we hear in Iran today is not the voice of a mourning nation. It is the manifestation of a nation risen for change. This is the result of more than 40 years of persistence and resistance in the toughest of times.”

“It is a resistance movement that has a plan, organization, leadership, and more importantly, has made sacrifices.”

“What will the mullahs and Basijis do with the anger of an angry nation. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the academic year. I salute all the students, teachers, and professors who have risen for freedom. We mark this year as the year of freedom, resistance, and equality. Our exams will be in the streets and squares of Iran.”


Mrs. Sheila Neinavaei stated: “Last week, we witnessed the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the regime on bogus charges of violating hijab rules and killed a few hours later.”

“This regime has been murdering Iranians for four decades. Khomeini established a fundamentalist regime that aimed its violence at women. It increased its suppression every day. On June 20, 1981, it revealed its true colors by killing people in the streets and in prisons. Not a day went by without the regime executing dozens of people in its prisons.”

“For years, the regime became more violent. On the other hand, the members of the resistance became more resolute, to the point that the regime became desperate. The regime decided to eliminate the problem from the root. By the order of Khomeini, the regime launched the death commissions and prepared for the massacre of political prisoners.”

“In less than a month, 30,000 prisoners were executed. But those prisoners never backed down from their ideals. And more than 30 years later, their memory still lives. We see them in nationwide uprisings and in the resistance units, in the uprisings that are taking place in every city across our country.”

“Today, we hear the slogan, ‘We will fight and take back Iran’, which is causing fear across the regime. Ironically, today, the regime’s president is one of the key players of the 1988 massacre. It is a shame for the UN that Raisi is here today. But this will be the end of the regime, and who else to close this file than the person who is responsible for so many murders.”

“We will stand till the end, to establish a free Iran and to bring the regime’s criminals to justice.”


Bishop Robert Stearns  said: “We care about what’s happening in Iran because their issues touch our entire world. It’s an issue of freedom and human rights. The time for change is now.”

:People from many different faiths and religions can unite around this. It is time for the tyrant Raisi to go. He should not be given a platform in the UN. He must go.”

“We live in a new Middle East. There are new alliances, new friendships, new mindsets that are replacing the fear of olden days. But the Iranian regime seeks to bring fear and be a threat to the whole world.”

“We say Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan is the path to freedom. All of history teaches us that eventually evil falls and good triumphs. I know that change is coming very quickly in Iran. I believe that we will see very soon the walls of evil fall and freedom come to the people of Iran.”


Reverend Dr. Marcus Miranda said: “We’re closer to achieving freedom of equality, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion in Iran. Raisi continues to use execution to silence the majority in Iran. But the uprisings have begun and will not stop until freedom rings in Iran.”

“Recently, Mahsa Amini died at the hands of the morality police. What is this morality? How long will this be allowed to go on? All the people of Iran are asking for basic rights.”

“The regime continues to terrorize those seeking these basic rights. Since Raisi rose to power, executions have increased by 100 percent. But there is an answer. There is a woman who is more than capable of leading Iran to freedom and prosperity. She is Maryam Rajavi.”

“Mrs. Rajavi has a simple but powerful ten-point plan that includes separation of state and religion and freedom to religion, and all the freedoms that people deserve. If the US wants stability in the Middle East, it must sit at the table with Mrs. Rajavi. Mrs. Rajavi should be addressing the UN, not Raisi.”


Prof. Firouz Daneshgari said: “I am addressing you as a former political prisoner who has been tortured and witnessed the murders committed by Raisi. Raisi is a murderer who has no place among world leaders. He must be arrested and tried for his crimes against humanity. Khamenei appointed him to continue his brutality to suppress protests. But they will learn their lesson.”

“Under the leadership of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and with the Resistance Units and all walks of life, the uprisings will overthrow the regime. Hail to all the protesters across Iran.”

“The alternative is organized and has the capabilities of NCRI and MEK. This is an organized and democratic alternative that can bring prosperity and freedom to Iran and rid this nation of all the ills caused by two dictatorships.”


Dr. Ashraf Zadshir stated: “Raisi is not the representative of the people of Iran and must be tried in international courts for crimes against humanity. Stop the impunity of the greatest state sponsor of terrorism.”

“The conditions in Iran have caused a brain drain in Iran. As you know, many students are under the cruelest torture in Iran’s prisons, including Ali Younesi and Amirhossein Moradi. Today, we see students across Iran raise their voices and shout, “So many years of crime, death to the supreme leader.”

“The mullahs’ regime has always established its rule on misogyny. In the early days of the Revolution, the Bassij and IRGC attacked us. Many of my friends were killed by the regime. Today, more than 40 years have passed that the regime has been working its system of murder and suppression.”

“Today, the world is in shock from the brutal killing of Mahsa Amini. Mahsa did not die. Her name became the codename for an uprising for regime change.”