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Former European Parliament VP Alejo Vidal Quadras Blames Iran’s Regime of Terrorist Attack in First Press Conference Post-Recovery

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On February 23, Dr. Alejo Vidál Quadras, the former Vice President of the European Parliament, held a highly anticipated press conference in Madrid, addressing a throng of both Spanish and international journalists. This marked his first public appearance following a recent terrorist attack targeting him at a media club in the Spanish capital.

In his statement, Dr. Vidál Quadras wasted no time in categorizing the assault against him as a blatant act of terrorism. He pointed fingers directly at the Iranian regime, alleging its involvement in orchestrating the attack and criticizing its engagement in terrorist activities beyond its borders.

Characterizing Iran as a “religious dictatorship” and a “terrorist regime,” Dr. Vidál Quadras accused Tehran of harboring terrorists and facilitating their escape from justice. He highlighted a series of past incidents, including the assassinations of two representatives of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, namely Dr. Kazem Rajavi in Geneva in 1990 and Mohammad-Hossein Naghdi in Rome in 1993, as well as terrorist activities like targeting the Jewish AMIA centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The former European Parliament official called for decisive action from the European Union, urging the expulsion of the regime’s diplomats and the severing of diplomatic relations. He emphasized the imperative of denying visas to regime operatives seeking entry into Europe and advocated for the expulsion of all regime intelligence operatives.

Dr. Vidál Quadras further underscored the resilience of the Iranian Resistance, highlighting their annual gatherings that attract tens of thousands of Iranians and hundreds of foreign dignitaries. He also recounted a thwarted bombing attempt in Albania in 2018, intended to disrupt an annual Resistance conference.

The press conference took a chilling turn when Dr. Vidál Quadras revealed that he was targeted by the Iranian regime as evidenced by his inclusion on a blacklist published by Iran in October 2022. He adamantly rejected being a victim of mere criminal activity, insisting that his case was inherently political.

Calling attention to the sinister activities of Iranian embassies across Europe, Dr. Vidál Quadras called for a reevaluation of any dialogue and engagement policies with the regime. Instead, he urged support for the NCRI and the Resistance forces who are organized, fighting for democracy and gender equality within Iran.

In a defiant declaration, Dr. Vidál Quadras affirmed his unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom and human rights despite the attempts on his life. He vowed to intensify his efforts and encouraged others to join him in the fight against tyranny and oppression.

The press conference concluded with resounding applause from attendees, underscoring the significance of Dr. Vidál Quadras’ courageous stance against the Iranian regime’s reign of terror.