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Iran Media Responding to Sen. McCain Visiting PMOI/MEK in Albania

NCRI – A few days after the meeting between Sen. John McCain and Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi in Tirana, the ‘Dideban’ website linked to Iranian intelligence posted a piece titled “A meeting and a few warnings”, expressing Tehran’s utter defeat in its attempt to annihilate its opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), prior to the their transfer outside of Iraq.

“Until the [PMOI/MEK] were in Iraq the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and our security forces had the chance to resolve this dispute and currently they have lost this opportunity,” the piece reads.

“The IRGC’s involvement in Syria has led to serious neglect,” the article continues.

“This neglect has now become more vivid and shows that this group will have more influence in future developments. Although geographical distances can directly influence their measures, it is still worth noting that this group has extensive experience in campaigning and organizing efforts. In the long run they can cause security threats for the country. Using their networks inside the country and influencing grayscale correspondents can be described as some this group’s efforts. This can result in a wave of disappointment amongst forces loyal to the country and establishment,” the article continues.

The state-run Islamic Republic daily also wrote:

“Senator McCain, always attending the [PMOI’s] events, said in their gathering that Iran’s role in Iraq and Syria must be confronted and Assad be set aside as soon as possible. McCain thanked Maryam Rajavi’s leadership and said he is certain Iran will be free one day and they will gather in freedom square.”

“The US Congress has during the past few years been one of the most significant platforms of the PMOI’s activities, where the PMOI have been able to gain a number of loyal supporters. For example, during in the last days of the Obama administration, a number of senior Congressmen continued their measures and issued a draft resolution to the House of Representatives calling for the safety and security of individuals stationed in Camp Liberty in Iraq and their transfer to Albania,” the piece continued.