Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Iran: Removal of PMOI from terror list crucial for democratic change – Australian groups

Conference on Iran in AustraliaNCRI – Australian MPs and human rights activists at a conference in Sydney expressed support for the Iranian Resistance and called for removal of the People’s Mojahdedin Organization of Iran from terrorist lists.

Participants discussed human rights violations in Iran, the clerical regime’s nuclear ambitions and the export of terrorism and fundamentalism to Iraq.
Peter Murphy, a senior member of Australia’s Peace and Democracy Coalition, Dr Meredith Burgmann, Labor MP and chair of the New South Wales Senate, Dr. Nina Burridge, President of the Association of Australian Democrats, Ray Jackson, Secretary General of the National Indigenous Association, Dr. Jocelyn Scutt, Barrister, and a number of other human rights activists attended the conference.
On mullahs’ nuclear programs, Mr. Murphy spoke of the regime’s clandestine efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. He noted that mullahs’ secret projects were first unveiled by the PMOI which alarmed the world of a serious threat and expressed his outrage for designation of the group as a terrorist organization to appease the criminal mullahs in Iran.
Dr. Burridge reminded the conference of the ongoing support given by the Australian Democrats to the National Council of Resistance of Iran and reiterated that the removal of terror tag against the PMOI has been her parties prime concern.
Mr. Jackson expressed his deep concern over human rights violations in Iran and told the conference of the resolution adopted by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly condemning abuses in Iran. This was 52nd such resolution adopted by various UN bodies. He also found the PMOI essential for democratic changes in Iran.
The credibility of the Human Rights Watch report against the PMOI was questioned by Dr. Scutt. As a law expert she scrutinized the method used by the Washington based organization to compile the report and concluded that it was prepared with ominous political intentions. She, like many others, had written to the HRW to complain and seek an explanation for the way the report was prepared but had received no reply so far.
Ms. Burgmann also underlined her support for the PMOI and wondered why this movement was unjustly listed as a terrorist organization while the mullahs’ nuclear threat to the world peace and security was unveiled for the first time by this movement.
The Australian MP stressed on the need for democratic change in Iran as support to this idea was growing among politicians across the world and, to this end, removal of the PMOI from the terror list has become crucial.