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Iran-U.S.: Remove Iranian Resistance from terror list – Dallas conference

Dallace conference - Nov 4NCRI, November 10 – In a conference in Dallas on November 4, Iranian regime’s efforts to export fundamentalism and terrorism was condemned.

Homira Hisami, chair of the association for Iranian community in Dallas deplored Ahmadinejad’s recent remarks which called for destruction of states and destabilization of Muslim and Arab states in the region and elsewhere. She described his comments as “revolting” and urged the U.S. administration to de-proscribe the Iranian Resistance as the main opposition movement to the clerical regime in Iran.
“In the wake of Ahmadinejad’s belligerent remarks, there is no longer any justification to keep the Iranian Resistance in the State Department’s terror list. It is utterly inappropriate and sends a wrong message to the fundamentalist regime ruling Iran,” Hisami told reporters in the conference.
She reiterated that proscription of the Iranian Resistance as an umbrella organization for opposition groups in Iran including the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), was a move to appease the mullahs’ regime, a failed policy which eventually led to hard-line domination in Iran.
Since the election of Ahmadinejad last June there has been a sharp increase in suppression inside Iran and the number of executions increased significantly. In a recent report by the Amnesty International the high number of executions in Iran was criticized in particular execution of juveniles.