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More Than 1,000 Prominent Women Support Iran’s Resistance

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In the new millennium, there is a growing consensus that it promises a more prosperous future for women’s development and leadership. Over the past four decades, Iran has witnessed a significant transformation in the status of women, driven by a complex interplay of different factors. This period has been marked by varying degrees of suppression, rooted in historical traditions and deep-seated superstitions.

However, the women of Iran, propelled by steadfast determination and intellectual prowess, courageously confronted the deeply entrenched misogynistic regime. This challenging journey they embarked upon not only elevated their role but made female leadership an imperative necessity. As a result, after four decades of untiring dedication and the sacrifices of countless Iranian women, their efforts bore fruit during the nationwide uprising of 2022 in Iran. This pivotal moment in history affirmed a new reality: those who had endured the harshest suppression emerged as the vanguards in the battle to dismantle a terrorist theocracy that has long held the Middle East and global security hostage.

The voices of Iranian women, now empowered by their experiences and resilience, are finding resonance across the global stage. One striking testament to this is the recent appeal made by over 1,000 female dignitaries, including former heads of state, urging the international community to take heed of the ongoing Iranian uprising, which is poised to mark its first anniversary. This appeal underscores the growing significance of Iranian women as leaders not only within their nation but on the world stage as well.

On September 12, in a gathering held at the Parliament of the United Kingdom, attended by lawmakers from both Houses, MP Anna Firth announced this significant development. She publicly announced the backing of over a thousand female leaders, athletes, and prominent thought leaders of the Iranian people’s uprising and their aspirations for a free, democratic republic.

In her announcement, MP Anna Firth stated, “It’s my great pleasure to read a statement which has been signed by 1000 prominent women as we approach the eve of the people’s uprising. It speaks volumes that over 1000 prominent women from five continents and 67 countries have issued a joint statement expressing their support and emphasizing the courageous women of Iran and their pivotal role in this uprising and other countries.

“Here we have 50 current and former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, and ministers as well as 175 parliamentarians, Nobel Prize Laureates, artists, and athletes. In this historic statement, these figures declare their endorsement for the Ten-Point Plan outlined by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, for freedom, equality, and a democratic Republic; the only program that champions the complete equality of women.

“With the 3600 parliamentarians, and 125 former presidents supported the National Council of Resistance’s Ten-Point Plan that affirms their commitment to ensuring full gender equality.

We are all united against this atrocious regime. We all have one word, common goal, and that is to see a democratic regime and to see equality for women in what is the great country of Iran.”

The statement, endorsed by over 1,000 female dignitaries, is available for reading on the Alliance for Public Awareness (APA) website at this link.