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Norwegian MP Rasmus Hansson: Iranian Resistance Is the Righteous Bearer of Iran’s Future

Rasmus Hansson

Norwegian MP Rasmus Hansson addressed the gathering on September 15 in Brussels, held by the Iranian Resistance on the anniversary of Iran’s 2022 uprising. Hansson expressed unequivocal support from the Norwegian people for the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. He highlighted the inherent threat to global peace posed by regimes that disregard the rights and values of their citizens.

Mr. Hansson emphasized that the support for the Iranian opposition movement is growing internationally, and many world leaders are now speaking out against the Iranian regime’s atrocities. He lauded the NCRI’s credibility and its crucial role in exposing the Iranian regime’s nuclear and terrorist threats.

Mr. Hansson expressed his conviction in Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan, seeing it as a responsible and constructive alternative for Iran’s future. He also pledged to mobilize support in his country to be tougher on the Iranian regime, recognizing the Iranian people and their resistance movement as the true bearers of Iran’s future.

The text of Norwegian MP Rasmus Hansson’s powerful address follows:

Dear friends, I can assure you that the Norwegian people wholeheartedly support your struggle for freedom.

Regimes that do not respect the values and rights of their own citizens also do not respect the values and rights of other countries. A dictatorship in one country is always a threat to all other countries. Therefore, your struggle, the Iranian people’s brave struggle for freedom and democracy, is the struggle for freedom for us all.

One year after the uprising in Iran, the international support for Iran’s opposition movement is growing. Many world leaders will no longer remain silent towards the Iranian regime. And in my country, Norway, the majority of the members of parliament are clearly supporting your fight for a democratic Iran.

This support is a response to the credibility of the NRCI that they have built based on grassroots support from courageous Iranians who are making the greatest sacrifices in their struggle for freedom. It is also a response to the NRCI’s exposure to the Iranian regime’s nuclear and terrorist threats. And it’s the main source of hostility and fundamentalism in the Middle East.

And even for Europeans, as we all know here very well, the aggression of the Iranian regime has become a reality, as its missiles and drones are now causing death and destruction in the European country, Ukraine.

So, as a parliamentarian from a peaceful and free country, I am therefore humbled, I am grateful, and I am deeply impressed by the courage shown by you Iranians fighting for democracy and freedom.

The democratic resistance in Iran has endured four decades of suppression. You carry out this fight in a country that is one of the largest accusers in the world. A religious dictatorship that exercises hostage-taking and gross human rights violations, has degraded education and art, caused economic collapse for the Iranian people, and removed all obstacles to destroying the environment in Iran.

Our history reminds us that resistance movements like yours, which stand firm and maintain their integrity under even extreme suppression, can inspire the world and redefine history. So I take this opportunity to express my strongest support to the courageous women and youth and the men at the forefront of the revolution in Iran, and I offer my heartfelt condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones during the fight.

And in this unbearable, but still promising situation, I am convinced that Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan is the plan that offers a responsible and constructive alternative for the future of Iran. It is a comprehensive platform that establishes respect and implements human rights for all.

So, Iranian friends, your unwavering dedication to free Iran inspires everyone. We stand in solidarity with your struggle. We will earn our own countries to be much tougher on the Iranian regime, to stop any sort of support and acceptance towards that regime, and to recognize you and your movement as the righteous bearers of the future of Iran.

Together, we will work towards a brighter future for Iran, because your future is everybody’s future.

Azadi! Azadi! Azadi! Thank you.