Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Support Iran dissidents, de-proscribe PMOI

Support Iran dissidents, de-proscribe PMOINCRI – In a debate at the House of Lords initiated by Lord Hurd of Westwell on February 9, a number of Peers criticized the British government’s policy on Iran and called for the de-proscription of the PMOI. While expressing concern over threats coming from Iran’s clerical regime Lord Blaker expressed his fear of a military action and found removal of terror label from the PMOI, main Iranian opposition, extremely desirable. The following are excerpts of his remarks:

…The Iran crisis is more serious than the Iraq crisis, for three reasons. There is a greater and real danger of nuclear proliferation; there is, I believe, an increased hostility among middle eastern countries toward western countries, generated by the Iraq war; and, if the Iran crisis ever led to military action—which I hope it will not, yet we cannot rule that out—it is difficult to see where the necessary troops could be found among the coalition countries….

We know that the new president of Iran made that extraordinary statement about wiping Israel off the face of the map. That hostility to Israel clouds and hampers all western efforts to encourage stability in the Middle East. What is required is for the United States, which alone can do this, to put pressure on Israel to follow the road map. I mention pressure on Israel; although the Palestinians also need to do things, at present I want to draw attention to the importance of pressuring Israel to move forward…

Lastly, I want to reinforce what has been said by a number of noble Lords about the termination of the proscription of the PMOI, which seems to be extremely desirable in the present circumstances.