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Tehran Mayor Hosts Anti-PMOI Exhibition on Khamenei’s Orders

iran tehran municipalityExhibition against the PMOI, orchestrated by the Mayor of Tehran on the directive of Ali Khamenei, as a retaliatory measure against election boycott

While the mullahs’ regime’s leaders grapple with the challenge of concealing their trepidation over the nationwide election boycott, Ali Khamenei has mandated Alireza Zakani, the Mayor of Tehran known for allegations of theft and criminal activities, to orchestrate exhibitions concurrently against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance alongside the upcoming elections.

One of these exhibitions is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, February 27, at the Cultural Center of District 15 in Tehran. According to a report by the ISNA News Agency on February 17, Mostafa Zibaee Nezhad, the Cultural Deputy of Tehran Municipality, announced the event in a locale referred to as the “City of Martyrs,” noting that a separate inaugural ceremony would be held due to the unique presentation of documents against the PMOI in this exhibition.

In accordance with the municipality’s plan, another exhibition against the PMOI is slated to take place at the Cultural Center of Khavaran. Agents of the regime are endeavoring to put ballot boxes at these exhibitions so that the absence of voter engagement in polling precincts is not highlighted. Several agents and operatives of the regime, masquerading as artists and documentary filmmakers, have been enlisted to spearhead the organization of these exhibitions.

Moghaddasi, the Friday prayer leader in Tehran today (February 23), who was begging to participate in the elections, acknowledged the unprecedented boycott of elections and said, “I was in a meeting, someone said that my brother is saying don’t vote!” Another says, “My son says don’t vote.” Another said that my husband said not to vote. I said very well, reason says to vote!”

On February 22, the government newspaper Jahan Sanat wrote, “A significant portion of society is leaning towards a kind of political apathy and distancing from the elections… Surveys conducted under the supervision of government agencies also confirm what external observers predict.” According to Jahan Sanat, the regime’s Radio and Television survey estimated “18% participation in Tehran,” and another government agency’s survey estimated “16% participation in Tehran.” The newspaper evaluates these surveys “with an excessively positive outlook” and considers the actual participation rate to be lower.

Notably, the government website “Entekhab” reported on the previous day that Hossein Salami, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, begged for participation, stating, “On Friday, attend the ballot boxes in pursuit of God’s satisfaction and in support of the nation, Islam, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, and beliefs.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

23 February 2024