Sunday, February 5, 2023
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US Congressmen condemn hanging of political prisoners in Iran

Bob FilnerTom TancredoNCRI – Concerned with prevailing reign of repression in Iran and moved by Hojjat Zamai’s secret hanging in February, two US Congressmen called on the Secretary of State to act quickly to save the lives of political prisoners in Iran.

In a letter to Condoleezza Rice, Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Bob Filner quoted UPI, reporting the hanging of Hojjat Zamani, a member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. The letter added that according to UPI "Zamani was under torture since 2001," and he "protested against this condition and went on hunger strike several times in 2004 and 2005." They regretted that Zamani’s body had not yet been handed over to his family contrary to Islamic traditions.

"We are greatly concerned by the Iranian government’s continued policy of torture and hanging of political prisoners" the Congressmen wrote, "We hope that your good office will do its utmost to bring this issue to light and mobilize international pressure on the Iranian regime." They ended by pressing that "the United States must act quickly and swiftly to save the lives of the political prisoner in Iran."