Friday, March 24, 2023
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U.S. – Iran impossible dialogue

U.S. - Iran impossible dialogueNCRI – In an analysis of the current standoff over the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, The Associated Press published views by experts who reasoned why a dialogue between the U.S. and the Iranian regime was impossible.

Shen Dingli, director of the Institute of American Studies at Fusan University in Shanghai, China, was quoted by the AP who said Wednesday: ”Both the United States and Iran regard each other as a hostile country. They don’t believe the nuclear issue can be resolved through negotiation. Iran believes it must acquire nuclear weapons to ensure state security… The United States does not want to have direct talks with Iran just like it does not want to talk with North Korea.”

Seeking the view of the Iranian main opposition, AP wrote: "Shahin Gobadi, spokesman for the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran, an exile group, said a Bush-Ahmadinejad summit is implausible because the Tehran regime ‘has not been willing to accept the norms and rules of conduct of the 21st century.’ ‘This regime is built on the concept of medieval religious tyranny. It’s not compatible with dialogue.’"

”Either you try to export your revolution to other countries or you deal like a normal government.” If Ahmadinejad’s 18-page letter sums up Iran’s position in a standoff that has moved to the U.N. Security Council, then ”there is no prospect of negotiation,” said Steve Hoadley, an associate professor of political studies at New Zealand’s Auckland University.

”The countries are ideologically, politically, strategically quite different,” he said. ”They are on a collision course because Iran has ambitions to regional leadership. Nuclear weapons are part of that equation.”

The solution to mullahs’ problem was sought by a veteran American columnist, Georgie Anne Geyer, which was published on Thursday. She referred to her "interesting phone conversation this week from Paris with Maryam Rajavi" whom she described as the leader of "the group that first brought Iran’s nuclear plans to the attention of the world." She quoted her cautioning the world of the regime’s nuclear threat where she said: "A nuclear bomb would enable mullahs to impose their will upon the region and to spread fundamentalism everywhere. Creating an external crisis is the way for them to survive." By referring to the Iranian Main opposition, Rajavi was quoted giving assurances that its "pro-Western government is the only hope for a future Iran."