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Iran News in Brief – March 3, 2024

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Sunday Protests in Iran

In various cities across Iran, including Shush, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, and Tehran, citizens have taken to the streets to voice their grievances and demand their rights from the government.

In Shush, southwest Iran, retirees and pensioners affiliated with the Social Security Organization have resumed protest rallies, echoing the calls for higher pensions and access to basic needs, which they assert are mandated by the regime’s laws.

Similarly, in Kermanshah, western Iran, pensioners from the Social Security Organization have also gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, demanding increased pensions and improved living conditions.

The sentiment is mirrored in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, where more footage has emerged of protest rallies organized by pensioners associated with the Social Security Organization. Their message remains consistent: they seek higher pensions and access to fundamental necessities.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of Tehran, creditors of state-backed carmakers Rigan Khodro and Shahr Khodro have assembled in front of judiciary offices to denounce corrupt financial practices and the government’s perceived inaction in addressing their concerns.


2,000 Villages Affected by Devastating Floods in Southeast Iran

Flooding in Iran Made Worse Due to Regime Incompetence

Nearly 2,000 villages and several counties in the Sistan and Baluchestan province have been ravaged by destructive floods, rendering access to over two-thirds of the villages and counties impossible due to extensive inundation.

Based on reports from state media, the intensity of the floods has besieged the southern regions of Sistan and Baluchestan, making access to these areas impossible and leaving many people homeless. However, media coverage of the situation has been minimal in recent days.

According to local sources, sufficient relief efforts have not yet been provided to the affected areas. Locals report that 24,000 residents of the Talang district have been stranded by the heavy rainfall for four days, causing extensive damage to agricultural lands. Due to the overflowing rivers, many adobe and mud houses have been completely destroyed, and the only way to assist many of these areas is via helicopter, as all roads to the affected villages are blocked. Furthermore, electricity has been cut off in several villages, leaving the residents with no means of communication.

State Source Confirms Homeless Woman’s Death Due to Cold in Tehran

Iran Homelessness

The state-run website Didban Iran has acknowledged the death of a homeless woman due to cold weather in Tehran. According to the source, authorities discovered the body of a 30-year-old woman at Saeedi Station early Friday morning, on February 29. Initial investigations suggest that the deceased woman was a homeless cardboard sleeper and succumbed to the severe cold weather. The source also admitted to the negligence of the state authorities, stating, “The new project being implemented by Alireza Zakani, the mayor of Tehran, and his deputies, is a failed project that has been repeatedly executed but brings nothing to the city except expenses and jeopardizes the lives of cardboard sleepers. Back in 2004, when Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf was the mayor of Tehran, the cold sent several homeless people in Tehran to their deaths, prompting widespread criticism of the Tehran Municipality’s performance in this regard.”


Iran: Resisting Tyranny, An Oppressive Judiciary, Combating State Terrorism

Iran: Resisting Tyranny, An Oppressive Judiciary, Combating State Terrorism

On Friday, March 1, 2024, a conference entitled “Resisting Tyranny, an Oppressive Judiciary, Combating State Terrorism” was held in France, in the presence of Maryam Rajavi. The conference boasted the participation of numerous jurists and political dignitaries from the United States and Europe.

Professor Alejo Vidal-Quadras, Mr. Peter Altmaier, Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy until 2021, Judge Louis Freeh, Former Director of US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Ambassador Robert Joseph, U.S. former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security; Stanislav Pavlovschi, Moldova’s former Minister of Justice, along with Struan Stevenson and Paulo Casaca from the International In Search of Justice Committee, were among the distinguished participants who addressed the audience at the conference.

In her address to the conference, Maryam Rajavi highlighted the trial in absentia of over 100 members of the PMOI, emphasizing that such a trial fundamentally violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international judicial standards.

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Iranians Decisively Vote “No” To The Entire Regime

Iran parliamentary elections boycott

What Iran’s regime feared the most and tried to prevent for months finally came to pass on Friday, March 1, when its sham parliamentary elections were met with an unprecedented boycott by the Iranian people. The people of Iran dealt a severe blow to the regime’s political masquerade and once again underscored their desire to overthrow the rule of the mullahs.

In recent months, regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei has taken steps to consolidate power and solidify his regime against the inevitable waves of anti-regime protests. In the weeks leading up to the election, Khamenei personally made comments to underline the importance of the parliamentary elections. In a speech on February 28, two days before the elections, he stressed that participation in the election is a matter of “national security,” by which he means preserving his regime in power. This is also his justification for the vote-rigging and results engineering that his regime will engage in after the polls close.

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Iran’s Wealth Auction: The Regime’s Clearing Sales


A trade union official within Iran’s construction industry has suggested that the involvement of Chinese firms in housing construction is tied to the ongoing ‘oil clearing’ debate. According to him, the Chinese aim to secure Iranian oil at a lower cost by engaging in these activities.

These assertions come from the head of the country’s mass builders association, who mentioned, “Since the specifics of this arrangement have not been disclosed, I cannot draw a direct comparison or pinpoint what exactly attracted them.”

By disseminating these remarks attributed to Iraj Rahbar, the website ‘Khabar Online’ has shed some light on why the Iranian regime has sanctioned Chinese companies to participate in the construction sector.

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Leaked Documents Reveal Iranian Regime’s Concerns About Developments in the Middle East

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In a significant development, the dissident group, Uprising Until Overthrow, obtained confidential documents from the Iranian regime parliament, offering a window into the regime’s anxieties surrounding potential international pressure, increased sanctions, and the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization by Western nations. One document, titled “Management Report of the Monitoring of the Parliament” dated November 22, 2023, explicitly mentions the renewed discussions surrounding the IRGC’s potential inclusion on the terror list and the US efforts to garner international, primarily Western, consensus for this action. This designation, if implemented, would significantly complicate Iran’s economic and political activities on the global stage.

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Iran’s People on the Verge of Requesting Loans For “Bananas, Flour, Milk”

iran street market bazaar

On February 28, the state-run Shargh Daily, referring to the dire economic situation of the people and the government’s solutions, wrote, “It seems there isn’t much distance to getting loans for buying bananas, flour, or milk.”

Shargh added that in recent years, people have moved from loans for buying houses and cars to loans for down payments on housing and purchasing household goods.

According to the newspaper, with the worsening of people’s economic and living conditions, the situation has escalated to buying meat, chicken, and even installment plans for clothing. Today, people have to take loans to buy nuts and fruits for the Persian new year (Mars 21).

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UK, Romsey City—March 1, 2024: Freedom-Loving Iranians Organize an Exhibition to Support the Iranian Revolution

UK, Romsey City—March 1, 2024: Freedom-Loving Iranians Organize an Exhibition to Support the Iranian Revolution

In Romsey City, UK, on March 1, 2024, Freedom-loving Iranians organized a book exhibition and petition collection in solidarity with the Iranian Revolution. The event took place in Romsey, a town located in the Test Valley district of Hampshire, England. Iranians demanded the designation of Iran’s regime Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

Iranian community in Romsey demanded the trial of the mullahs’ regime leaders, especially Ali Khamenei (Supreme leader of the mullahs’ regime) and the mass murderer Ebrahim Raisi for crimes against humanity, in an international court.

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