Friday, February 3, 2023
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Either Security Council acts quickly or mullahs will have the bomb – Rajavi

Either Security Council acts quickly or mullahs will have the bomb - RajaviNCRI – In a press briefing at her headquarters today, in Auvers-sur-Oise, France, the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi urged the international community to end the policy of appeasement, which she said, "has seriously imperiled the security of the world." "Time has run out," she insisted, warning that "either the Security Council acts quickly or the mullahs will have the bomb."

Lord Russell Johnston of Britain, Senator Jean Pierre Michel of France, Senator Patrick van Krunkelsven of Belgium and Paulo Casaca, a member of the European Parliament also attended the briefing.

Commenting on the consequences of Europe’s eight-year policy of appeasement, Mrs. Rajavi said, "The Iranian people and Resistance were unfortunately perceived as pawns in a bid by Western countries to satisfy the mullahs and moderate the regime’s behavior. Now, both the policy of conciliation has faltered and the mullahs are on the verge of getting the bomb. I also emphasized that time had come for a new policy vis-à-vis the Iranian people and Resistance by supporting democratic change in Iran."

"Today, the crux of the matter is whether one can prevent the mullahs from obtaining the bomb and an outbreak of another war in the region? After two decades of appeasement, could a repeat of the Munich experience of the 1930s be avoided? My reply is indeed, yes, through democratic change in Iran. The world community is facing a critical choice: Continued compromise leading to unwanted war or firmness and removing the obstacles it has placed in the path of change in Iran," she added.

"Currently, the world is in search of a solution," she said, adding that "some make it look as though the alternative to accommodating the Iranian regime is a foreign war and that the world must accept the nuclear-armed mullahs to avoid war. The regime’s lobby and those with vested interests are propagating this notion. On the other hand, some see the only solution in foreign war and military intervention." "I agree with neither. War is not the alternative to accommodation; it is the natural extension of accommodation," Mrs. Rajavi said. "We can still avert a catastrophe. We must take advantage of whatever opportunity that remains. I believe there is a third option: democratic change by the Iranian people and the Resistance," the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect stressed.

Pointing to Tehran’s increasing interference in Iraq, she noted, "The bigger threat the mullahs pose is their meddling in Iraq, which they have overshadowed with nuclear projects. The mullahs’ meddling in Iraq has advanced so much that they have set up prisons and torture centers in that country. They have also gained control of many of the Ministries. Iraq for the Iranian mullahs is a springboard for dominating the entire Middle East. Today, the clerical regime is using its position in Iraq as a lever to coerce Western countries into retreat in nuclear talks. The mullahs’ advances in Iraq have emboldened the regime to demagogically call for the elimination of Israel. Democracy in Iraq and peace in the Middle East are dangerous for the mullahs. For this reason, they are trying their utmost to sabotage both processes."

Mrs. Rajavi outlined the following as the first essential steps to thwart with Tehran regime’s nuclear and fundamentalist threat:
1.    Immediate review of the clerical regime’s nuclear file by the UN Security Council;
2.    Imposition of oil, arms, technological and diplomatic sanctions
3.    Investigating the atrocities of the Iranian regime and its leaders against the Iranian people and its terrorist crimes outside Iran in an international tribunal.
4.    Removing the unjust terror tag from the People’s Mojahedin of Iran and extending support to the National Council of Resistance of Iran as the Iranian people’s legitimate resistance.