Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Iran-Nuclear: Impose a comprehensive oil and technological embargo on mullahs’ Regime

Hans Kristian Neerskov, President of the International Sakharov committeeNCRI, Vienna rally – Addressing some 3,000 Iranians in Vienna rallying in front of the IAEA headquarters, Hans Kristian Neerskov, President of the International Sakharov committee, expressed his solidarity with the participants and called on the board of governors of the UN watchdog body to refer Iranian regime’s nuclear file to the Security Council. Here is the text of his speech to the gathering:
Today when Iran is becoming more and more the focus on International developments, and the threats of the Iranian regime in many ways are becoming clear for the world peace and security.
In the field of human rights more than 100 executions and death sentences have been reported. Few days ago State-run media reported that in the past week alone, the anti-human clerical regime in Iran has hanged 6 prisoners in public and handed down 2 death sentences. One of the death sentences was for a woman prisoner and the other for a teenager who was only 16 years-old at the time of the alleged crime.
In Iraq, the role of the Iranian regime in aiding terrorists and sending arms and funds to insurgents have become so clear. But most importantly the international community has raised concern about regime’s nuclear ambitions. Since three month ago the mullahs has broken all their agreements with the EU-3 and they have started converting Uranium.
It is common knowledge that were it not for revelations by the National Council of Resistance of Iran about the mullahs’ secret nuclear program, especially the uncovering of Natanz and Arak projects in August 2002, the mullahs would have most probably obtained the bomb by now.
Nevertheless the lack of decisive policy vis-à-vis the clerical regime has already caused a three-year delay in referring Iran’s nuclear file to the United Nations Security Council, enabling the regime to get closer to the nuclear bomb. Indeed, the EU-3 foreign ministers and the Union’s foreign policy chief themselves acknowledged earlier that Tehran should have referred to the Security Council three years ago.
Thus I call upon both the IAEA Board of Governors and members of the Security Council to take up Iran’s nuclear file at once. I urge the Security Council to impose a comprehensive oil and technological embargo on the Iranian Regime to prevent from continuing its ominous nuclear program.