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Iran-Nuclear: Iranian Regime’s New Nuclear Sites

(Ministry of Defense Involved)

Remarks by Alireza Jafarzadeh

Washington, DC

I would like to bring to your attention, new details of the Iranian regime’s terrorist and religious dictatorship ambitious plan to acquire nuclear weapons. Nuclear bomb has a strategic and vital significance for the Iranian regime. It is for this reason that the Iranian regime, more vigorously than ever, is continuing its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, despite tremendous international pressure, and the repeated calls by the international community for further monitoring of its programs. It continues to refuse to sign the additional protocol.

As you may know, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, particularly within the past one year, in a number of press conferences, uncovered the very secret and sophisticated nuclear weapons program of the Iranian regime, including the revelations of the two major secret sites in Natanz and Arak. These revelations were later proven accurate by the United States administration and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Today, I would like to reveal two new top secret sites of the Iranian regime. I must emphasize that this information was obtained by the network inside Iran of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, which provided it to the relevant committees of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

A – The Iranian regime’s Defense Industry Organization, has activated a new site since six months ago (February 2003), in a complex called "Kolahdouz." This site is located near the Kolahdouz complex, where a number of large warehouses and workshops for building tanks, armored personnel carriers, and delicate mechanical parts are located. It is located at 14th km of the Tehran-Karaj Highway, Shahriar exit, Kolahdouz Complex. This complex is affiliated with the Defense Industry Organization. The section that is related to nuclear program of the Iranian regime is located near the river bank, and is hidden among other warehouses in a way that would not gain attention. As you can see, it is not only the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran that is involved in the nuclear weapons program of the Iranian regime, rather it is the Ministry of Defense as well that is heavily involved in their nuclear weapons program.

B – This site is about 4,000 square meters (nearly 40,000 square feet) in an area 50 meters (155 feet) by 80 meters (260 feet). There is a number of centrifuge equipments already installed there. This acts as a pilot facility, and information shows that they have obtained the needed material and they intend to do the testing of the centrifuge equipments to enrich uranium.

C – In this site, they have built a clean and a vacuum environment, so that the centrifuge equipments can best operate. This will eventually act as a supplement to the uranium enrichment site in Natanz. In other words, it is this pilot facility, which uranium will be enriched, the process will be perfected, and the experience will be used for their main uranium enrichment facility in Natanz.

D – The information about this site is top secret and the Iranian regime has hidden this site among a number of buildings and workshops of the Kolahdouz industrial complex. This site is under the direct supervision of Dr. Ghaffarian, the head of the Defense Industry Organization.

E – Those working here are under very strict rules of information security. As a result the experts here are exposed to information only related to their own work. None of the employees are allowed to reveal any information as to the nature, location, and subject of their work with anybody outside the complex.

F – In late May 2003, Morteza OstadAli Makhmalbaff, the head of the intelligence security of the Defense industry Organization, and Brigadier General Mohammad Beig Mohammad Lou, deputy coordinator of the Defense Industry Organization (involved in the enrichment of uranium), have hidden a number of containers related to the pilot facility here in a warehouse about 2,000 square meters (20,000 square feet) with dimensions of 80 meters (260 feet) by 25 meters (80 feet). These containers are sealed and there has been a great emphasis that no one should know of the existence of these containers. This warehouse is surrounded by auto junk yard, having other warehouses filled with wrecked cars. This warehouse is located at Martyred Kazemi complex, of the Defense Industry Organization, next to Kolahdouz complex.

G – The head of the Defense Industry Organization is Dr. Ghaffarian, and the head of the Special Industry is Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Gharmanesh, and the head of the Kolahdouz complex is Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Javad Rabbani.
Ardekan Nuclear Fuel Site
A new site under construction is the Ardekan Nuclear Fuel Unit. This site, scheduled to be completed in two years, is located at the 33rd Kilometer (20.5 miles) of the Ardekan-Choupanan Road.

This project is supervised by an engineer named Farhad VadoudFaam, which is under the supervision of the directorate of nuclear fuel of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI). The Executive Director of this project is an engineer named Baghestani. The central office of this site is located in the city of Ardekan at Shohada Square, Picheh Fazel, next to Ansari High School, number 48. One of the affiliate companies of the AEOI is doing the consulting for this site.

Complete Nuclear Fuel Cycle
In February 2003, before the top officials of the Ministry of Science, the Iranian regime’s president, Mohammad Khatami announced the regime’s program for a complete nuclear fuel cycle. This cycle is consisted of these components.
1 – Mining Uranium in Saghand (200 KM, 125 miles from Yazd), from 350 meters (1160 feet) deep.

2 – Preparing yellow cake in Ardekan near Yazd (at a site known as Ardekan Nuclear Fuel Unit)

3 – UCF Facility in Isfahan site. At the Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in Isfahan, using the yellow cake prepared in Ardekan, a number of byproducts including uranium hexafluoride (UF6), metallic uranium, and uranium oxide (UO2) are produced. These are later used for uranium enrichment.

4 – Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility:
Using the yellow cake and the products of the Isfahan UCF unit, uranium is enriched using the centrifuge equipments, and nuclear fuel pellets are to be eventually produced in Natanz. These pellets could then be used to form the fuel rods.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
As you can see, the clerical regime, simultaneous with the escalation of suppression of anti-government demonstrations in Iran, as well as their terrorist and expansionist intervention in Iraq intended to establish Islamic republic there, is heading all out to gain access to nuclear weapons. The whole purpose behind such an ambitious nuclear weapons program is gain the upper hand in the region thru creating fear and terror, which would pave the way for reviving the Ottoman empire and expanding the Iranian clerics satanic hegemony in the region.