Monday, October 18, 2021
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Iran regime resumes uranium enrichment

Iran regime resumes uranium enrichmentNCRI – Uranium enrichment resumed in Iran according to an official of the religious dictatorship ruling that country.

Javad Vaidi from Supreme National Security Council of the clerical regime said on Tuesday: "The work has resumed (at the Natanz enrichment facility)."

The move came despite warnings from France, Russia and the United Nations not to take action that might escalate the tense dispute with the West over fears it is seeking nuclear bomb. Germany and China have also expressed concern.

Vaidi said it was "unacceptable" for the regime to halt its research on uranium enrichment, a process that makes reactor fuel but can also be extended to make the core of a nuclear weapon.
"There is no reason for the moment to return to the suspension (at Natanz)," he added.

Mullahs’ latest move is a clear consequence of the failed policy of appeasement by the West which has emboldened the mullahs to ignore international concerns over its nuclear weapons program. Western indecisiveness and lack of a firm policy on Iranian regime will eventually provide the mullahs enough time to build their nuclear weapons and make the war an inevitable option to contain the regime.