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Iranian nuclear threat highlighted in Oslo press conference

Parviz KhazaiNCRI, August 27 – Iranian regime’s nuclear programme and its threat to world peace and security was unveiled in a press conference in Oslo on August 25.

Parviz Khazai, NCRI representative in Nordic countries provided the press as well as political, judicial and social dignitaries with latest information on the clerical regime’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and its tactics to buy time to this end. Central to his revelations was the regime’s activities in Arak site, central Iran.

Arak nuclear site is a center for heavy water project which is essential for production of plutonium. Efforts to produce tritium, a sensitive and crucial substance to make nuclear bombs, was also unveiled by Khazai. Oslo press conference

In light of growing threat to world peace by the mullahs in Iran, NCRI representative warned EU for its appeasement policy of the mullahs and compared it with the appeasement of Hitler just before the 2nd World War by Western governments.

Khazai called for support of democratic changes in Iran which can only be achieved by Iranian people and its just resistance. He reiterated on the role of the Iranian Mojahedin in bringing democratic changes in Iran and highlighted the importance of removing the main opposition to mullahs from the EU’s terror list.