Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Iranian regime denies agreement with US on transfer of uranium abroad

On Saturday Tehran denied that an agreement was made during negotiations with representatives of the P5+1 countries regarding the nuclear program.

Associated Press quoted diplomatic sources yesterday claiming that in some areas regarding Iran’s nuclear program a general agreement was made. AP quoted two diplomats from Vienna who said that Iran and the US have agreed to the temporary transfer of a portion of the enriched uranium to Russia.

According to IRNA – official news agency in Iran – Marzieh Afkham, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said that “so far we have not reached any agreement on any of the topics discussed at the talks”. According to Afkham, “this kind of media manipulation is done with political intentions and its main goal is the destruction of the negotiations’ atmosphere and making the resolution of the issues more complex”.

The Associated Press quoted two Western diplomats on Friday who said that in the nuclear negotiations held on December 17 negotiators were able to reach an agenda for the first time, while identifying possible areas of agreement and identifying different approaches for resolving the remaining disputes.

The Associated Press added that nuclear negotiators in the previous round of talks in December brought, for the first time, a list of possible areas of agreement as well as possible approaches to solve the remaining disputes, although the preparation of this list was not easy because of the extensive differences of two sides.

The P5+1 negotiations with Tehran to reach a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program hit an impasse in November after one year of concentrated negotiations and was extended for 7 months. The Western countries are strongly suspicious of the military objectives of the Tehran regime nuclear program. The Tehran regime has so far evaded answering questions regarding the possible military dimensions of its nuclear program.

The next round of nuclear talks is supposed to resume in Geneva on January 15 at the level of deputy foreign ministers.