Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Iranian regime’s foreign minister says nuclear enrichment is not negotiable

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s foreign minister said on Sunday ‘nuclear enrichment’ was not negotiable in talks with the United.

Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Iranian regime was willing to open its nuclear facilities to international inspections but the United States must end economic sanctions as part of any deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Despite the fact the President Barack H. Obama spoke Friday with Hassan Rouhani by phone, U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice has said that there was “every reason” to doubt the Iranian regime’s “peaceful intentions.”

Rice said that Obama chose his words carefully in his UN speech last week. he said, the Iranian regime had the right to “use” enriched uranium, but not to enrich it themselves – and the enriched uranium it had a right to use would be enriched at a far lower level that could be used to manufacture weapons.

“It’s way too soon to presume either the prospect of an agreement on the nuclear program, which we hope to be able to achieve, but we’re quite sober about the potential for that,” Rice said. “If we could have a peaceful resolution of the nuclear program and an end to Iran’s support for terrorism and other behavior that has concerned us over many years, then we could begin a serious discussion about the future.”