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US Lawmakers Plan For Tougher Sanctions if Iranian Regime Fails to Keep Commitment

US lawmakers of both House and Senate from both parties are deeply doubtful whether Iran’s present regime could obey the nuclear deal completely. So, Congress is fully prepared to reapply stronger sanction against Iran if they fail to fully follow the commitment of the nuclear deal.

Senator Chuck Schumer a member of Democrat leadership, said , he was “disappointed” by the deal, which is disproportional. He said sanctions forced Iran to negotiate.

This agreement makes it likely that Democrats and Republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in December. The Senate returns to session on December 9 and lawmakers already were talking about sanctions designed to caution the Iranian regime that failure to use the six-month window to reach a deal would only leave Iranians in worse economic straits.

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin said, “Congress, I think, will want to make it clear that if Iran does not live up to these commitments, we will not only insist that the sanctions be reapplied, but we will have stronger sanctions against Iran,”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio said, “There is now an even more need for congress to increase sanctions until Iran completely abandons its enrichment and reprocessing capabilities.”

Democrat Representative Steny Hoyer said the threat of even tougher sanctions could help keep Iranian diplomats at the negotiating table for talks designed to prevent Tehran from being able to produce a nuclear weapon. He supports having the sanctions ready to go in case Iran proves an unreliable negotiating partner. “It is appropriate that we wait six months to implement those, which will say to the Iranians: We need a final deal, and if not a final deal, these tougher sanctions are going into place.” He added.
Source: News agencies