Fired Iranian Government Worker Sets Mayor on Fire

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NCRI - A fired Iranian government worker from a town in Iran’s Kerman Province has set the mayor on fire, whilst the mayor was sitting in his car, according to the Iranian Regime’s IRNA news agency.

Iranian People's Tolerance Towards the Ruling Regime Is Running Out

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NCRI - You could barely find a single day on which state officials or media are not warning over Iranian people’s losing patience with the ruling regime.

Sadegh Zibakalam, a university lecturer close to Rouhani says “many say that it’s no use trying to put the regime right as the system is incapable of being improved. I keep being criticized and attacked by many, accusing me of attempting to prevent the regime from being collapsed.”

Iranian Regime Officials Fear Regime's Bleak Outlook

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NCRI - As protest rallies continue to spread across Iran, state officials and media warn over regime’s dark future.

“The country is faced with a lot of super-challenges”, acknowledges Eshaq Jahangiri, first vice-president of Hassan Rouhani’s government, for the nth time, adding”we have challenges in different economic, social, cultural and political areas, both domestically and internationally. Restoring social assets is a crucial issue for us. But unfortunately, dialogue has been taken off the agenda and replaced by conflict instead, which is going to apply a heavy pressure on the society.” (State-run Khabaronline website, February 26, 2018)

Iran: Suicide of a Worker; Who Was Not Paid His Wages

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NCRI - One of the seasonal workers of the Haft-Tapeh Sugarcane Company in southwestern part of Iran, on Tuesday February 27, threw himself into the canal of water and committed suicide out of desperation to protest non-payment of his claims.

Iran Regime's Leader Accuses "Enemies" Of "Provoking Workers"

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NCRI - As labor protests in Iran continue, the website belonging to regime leader ‘Ali Khamenei’ has released his speech made on February 5 this year, in which he states “the anti-revolutionary had its eyes on the country’s workers from the very beginning.”

Iran Regime's Official: Tehran Holds 25000 Cardboard Sleepers, Homeless and Beggars

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NCRI - A Tehran municipality official says the number of homeless people, cardboard sleepers and beggars in the city has reached 25,000, and 21,000 have also been imprisoned in this metropolis.

The deputy of the cultural and social affairs of the Municipality of Tehran expressed these remarks at a meeting of “Social Justice” in the Ministry of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare.

Iran: 1400 Golestan Fishermen Not Been Paid for Five Months

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NCRI - According to a board member of Golestan Province’s Fishermen Trade Union, 1400 fishermen in the province have not been paid for the past five months.

“There are 1400 fishermen in Golestan Province’s ‘Pareh Turkman’ and ‘Pareh Kumishtapeh’ port towns, working for 21 cooperative companies. The sturgeon-harvesting workers, however, have not been paid in the last five months by the Specialized Agricultural Services parent company”, says Aman Kalagi-Toumaj in his interview with state-run ILNA news agency on February 18, 2018.

Acknowledging Unemployment of 20,000 PhD Students in Iran

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NCRI - According to Iran’s head of Azad University, there are currently 20,000 unemployed PhD students in the country.

While speaking in Hamedan, Farhad Rahbar said “today, there are 47,000 PhD students in the country, of whom 20,000 are unemployed”, according to the terrorist Quds Force’s Tasnim news agency.

Iran Regime Trying to Isolate Country From Western World

TEHRAN, Feb.7, 2018. Allameh university. conference on "Pathology of teaching English language in elementary schools"

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime’s ban on the teaching of English in its public schools is just the latest in a long line of measures designed to restrict the Iranian people’s access to information in order to control the population and show them only the mullahs’ ideology.


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