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Four thousand suicides a year in Iran


NCRI – According to the Iranian regime’s state-run media, each year some four thousand people commit suicide in Iran and this has intensified in recent months.

On August 30, 2016, the President of the Iranian regime’s Social Workers Association, Hassan Mousavi, in a speech at a meeting called “Suicide and Iranian society’s public opinion, reactions and outcomes” admitted that each year some four thousand people commit suicide in Iran, the state-run Salamat News website reported.

“In our country, social satisfaction, vitality and confidence is low, but violence is high. In terms of progress and social capital, we are not in good condition,” Mousavi said.

He admitted the repressive forces mistreat the people.

“Our justice system relies on police to solve the problems and this is not a good message and shows no tolerance and interaction between individuals. In such circumstances, it is natural to have social problems and suicide is one of these complications,” he said.

He pointed out the suicide in deprived areas and said: “Khuzestan, Hamedan, Masjid Soleiman, Dareh Shahr (Valley city) in Ilam Province … are among the cities that have considerably high suicide rate and one can say that suicide situation is not more critical anywhere in the world than Dareh Shahr in Ilam.”

“Suicide in Iran has been much more pronounced in recent months, which has increased the sensitivity of society. In Iran almost four thousand suicides occur every year and even this statistic is high for us, while there are also hidden suicides that are not registered,” he admitted.