Monday, June 27, 2022
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Iran: Authorities Destroy People’s Homes in Sistan and Baluchistan

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s police and the municipality officers in Zahedan in recent weeks have attempted to destroy many people’s homes on the pretext of “land looting.” However, the residents living in these homes say, “We have bought the lands from other people and have their letter of promise and Pending Home (preliminary) purchase agreement. In addition, the municipality’s utility bills have been issued in our name.”

Following increase in such actions, Abdul Hamid Zehi, Sunnis’ Friday prayer leader in Zahedan, reacted in his Friday Prayer’s sermon on December 5 and said: “When you destroy people’s homes in this cold season, where should they go?”

“The land is part of the natural and national resources that belong to this nation and the people whose homes are destroyed during the cold season are among the same people of this nation or at least are human beings. Their homes should not be demolished in these cold days,” Zahedan’s Sunni Friday prayer leader emphasized.