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Iran: Keeping pet dogs could have you receive 74 lashes


NCRI – A group of members of parliament in Iran presented a bill that would require those who keep, sell, buy and walk pet dogs in public to receive 74 lashes and pay a fine.

The bill was presented by 32 members of the regime’s parliament as an amendment to the clerical regime’s penal code.

Part of the bill reads: “Anyone who takes a pet like a monkey or a dog in public and damages the Islamic culture or the health and tranquility of the people – particularly children and women, or attempts to buy or sell them, or keep them at their house, and not to act on the warnings issued by State Security Forces (police), would be fined between 10 to 100 million rials or would receive 74 lashes, plus the pet would be confiscated.”

Based on the bill, the pet would be “transferred to a zoo or desert” and the owner is responsible for the full cost of the transfer and keeping of the pet.

The Iranian regime periodically uses the issue of pets for public crackdowns.

Using this pretext, the police stop cars, carry out searches, confiscate pets and fine women if they are considered improperly dress.

The sporadic and politically motivated campaigns against dog ownership are aimed at further suppressing the youth and women in Iran who have, in past few weeks, held protests against the acid attacks on women that have been carried out by state-sponsored gangs.

The action by the lawmaker is considered a further step to provide a legal cover with regards to the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces crackdown.