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Iran Regime’s Official: Tehran Holds 25000 Cardboard Sleepers, Homeless and Beggars


NCRI Staff

NCRI – A Tehran municipality official says the number of homeless people, cardboard sleepers and beggars in the city has reached 25,000, and 21,000 have also been imprisoned in this metropolis.

The deputy of the cultural and social affairs of the Municipality of Tehran expressed these remarks at a meeting of “Social Justice” in the Ministry of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare.

Valiallah Shojapourian described the extent of “social harm” in the metropolis of Tehran as “very bitter” and added: “The Municipality of Tehran has declared the statistics of working children to be more than 15000, but the welfare organization says we have seven thousand child labours.”

The deputy of the cultural and social affairs of the municipality of Tehran announced that “more than 15 thousand” cardboard sleepers has been numbered in the city, and the number of street beggars and homeless people has been 10 thousand.

He cautioned against the high rates of “social harm” in the city while expressing the statistics of 21,000 prisoners, 600 to 900,000 drug addicts and 40,000 divorces per year in Tehran, as well as street violence, suicides and other issues.

After 40 years since the regime came into power, Shojapourian also acknowledged, “Perhaps in the context of social harm, we do not have a defensible record.”

In Iran, addiction, divorce, poverty, unemployment, child abuse, suicide, theft, school dropout, homelessness, unconventional sexuality and… Are referred to as instances of social harm.

The cultural and social deputy director of Tehran’s municipality warned of the spread of the phenomenon in Tehran while on December 14, the state-run Etemad newspaper reported a reduction of “100 billion Toman” of the government’s proposed budget line for controlling and reducing social damages in the year 2018.

The regime’s interior minister revealed last year that Khamenei had said at a meeting, “the Islamic Republic is 20 years behind in reducing social damages and eliminating them.”

Ali Larijani, Speaker of the regime’s Parliament, also said in August 2016 that 18 million people in Iran were involved with social harms.

Poverty is one of the most important causes of social harms in Iran. Last year, Ali Akbar Sayari, a representative of the Ministry of Health at a meeting of the National Directorate for Youth Affairs, stated, “30 percent of Iranians are hungry”.