Friday, December 8, 2023
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Iran – the Disasters Could Not Be Concealed


NCRI – Despite repeated failures, the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (police) and other state-run institutions once again are planning to collect the children of labor off the streets.

The implementation of the plan has made authorities in Tehran to try to present reasons for the past failures rather than addressing the roots of the problem which had begun to appear in Iran since the inception of the clerical regime in Iran.

In an interview with state-run IRIB network on Tuesday, February 14, a Deputy of Social Affairs for the State Welfare Organization of Iran claimed that the lack of coordination between the involved organizations has caused failure in the previous initiatives.

The official acknowledged that the lack of national macro-planning to deal with the beggars and children, inappropriate work environment for them, improper discipline, and the lack of insurance for the children of labor are the factors that cause failure of the plan.

In the past state-run media had reported that the problem is caused by poverty and substantial difference in income in people’s income and that the government’s plans such as collecting addicts, homeless and rough sleepers, fugitive girls, and beggars in most cases had ended in failure.

Most of experts in Iran involved in combating social problems acknowledge that the crisis of child labor or begging could not merely be eliminated by collecting them off the streets or temporarily keeping them in related centers.

They also acknowledge that the main solution to the problem of beggars and children of labor is to secure their livelihood.