Friday, October 7, 2022
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Iran: Western City’s Only Heart Surgery Center on the Verge of Shut Down

NCRI – The only heart surgery center in the city of Brujerd in Lorestan Province, western Iran, is on the verge of shut down due to financial problems. Insurance organizations are refusing to pay 3.5 billion tomans (around $1mn) they owe this entity.

“To this day nearly 10 billion tomans (nearly $3mn) have been invested in this surgical and medical care center and we are continuing to develop our services to the patients. However, service and maintenance of these equipment, alongside other necessities in such facilities, are very expensive and we no longer can provide the expenses from our own pockets,” said Amir Hoshiyar, Director of the Brujerd Angiography and Heart Surgery Center.

“The price for a heart surgery in the capital is between 15 to 50 million tomans ($4,285 to $14,285). However, in this center we have attempted to eliminate the unconventional fees and brought down the price to 300,000 to 1.3 million tomans (around $85 to $375),” he added.

Lorestan province is considered one of Iran’s deprived provinces.