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Iran’s Regime Is the World’s Foremost Threat to Peace and Security

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the main force behind the Iranian regime's terrorism and malign behavior in the region

Iran’s regime is known globally as the number one state sponsor of terrorism. Civilized nations consider the regime as an international pariah. United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rightly says the regime wastes Iran’s national resources on terrorism.

The question is: do the Iranian regime’s terrorist acts stem from its power or its weakness?

A government that is popular and has domestic and international legitimacy does not need to use terrorism to advance its policies. It could instead use diplomacy, and its actions could help foster global peace and regional security.

The Iranian regime, meanwhile, is an oppressive regime and notorious human rights violator. The Iranian people have been the regime’s main victims over the past 40 years. The Iranian regime is institutionally corrupt. It imprisons and executes dissidents. It has carried out one of the worst crimes against humanity since World War II: :Our people say to the mullahs ruling :Leave alone, think of us. Today add to that:Let go of all the Arab countries and let go of war With Saudi Arabia; let go of your proxies in… and regime ‘readying for war’ with missile cities buried under concrete ’s ARAMCO facilities deep inside Saudi territory, according to information revealed on September 30 by the ’s US office in Washington DC

In addition to its terrorist operations, the Iranian regime is a major cyber threat. The regime has conducted various cyber-attacks against universities, military, and non-military institutions in the U.S. and other countries.

It is high time the international community recognizes Iran’s regime as the global pariah it truly is and as such cuts all diplomatic and economic ties with the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism.

To make up for decades of its failed policy of appeasement toward the mullahs, at the detriment of the Iranian people, and to ensure peace and stability in the region, the West should now recognize the right of Iranian people to overthrow their tyrannical dictators. Western governments should show moral and political support for Iran’s democratic opposition movement, the MEK and the NCRI, which represent a viable alternative to the regime.