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Saudi Arabia’s Minister: Iran Regime Wreaks Havoc Wherever It Intervenes


NCRI – Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Persian Gulf affairs said all Iranian regime’s meddling in the region has led to destruction, ruin and corruption. “Gulf Cooperation Council is aware of the Iranian regime’s meddling threats and is trying to confront it,” he added.

Thamer Alsobhan, who was interviewed by Sky-News TV on Tuesday December 6, said: “The Iranian regime’s entire meddling in the region was followed by destruction, corruption and killings, the best examples of which are Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.”

Later in the interview he said: “We are fully aware that the regime in Iran is also not immune from these problems and this situation will be ruined on its head.”

“The Iranian regime is trying to export these problems abroad by interfering in the affairs of other countries in order to escape its internal problems,” he added.

He pointed out that the regional countries are fully aware of the Iranian regime’s actions and concluded: “… (Regional leaders) would take action to deal with these challenges and our society will be purged (cleaned up) of fundamentalists and such views and that path has started and will continue…”