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Syrian Opposition in Geneva: Iran Regime Is an Invading Force and an Enemy


NCRI – While denouncing the Iranian regime’s interventions in Syria, a member of the Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva and spokesman for the Syrian Free Army ‘Issam Al Reis’ emphasized in his interview with the Iranian Resistance’s Satellite TV on solidarity of the Syrian revolution and people with the Resistance of Iran.

“We regard the Iranian regime as an invading force and an enemy”, said Issam Al Reis, maintaining that “the Iranian people are different from the regime ruling them. They are faced with the same dictatorship that we are faced with in Syria. We hope that their fight for freedom succeeds so they can get rid of that cruel regime.”

Pointing to the Iranian regime’s efforts to sabotage reaching a political solution in Syria, Alreis said “I believe that the Iranian regime doesn’t believe in a political solution. The Iranian regime is seeking a military solution as it’s the only way they can secure their interests in Syria and keep occupying the country. But we are committed to the Astana deal and a political solution. We are calling for ceasefire, since there will be no political breakthrough without a ceasefire. We believe that Russia should apply real pressure on Assad and the militias backed by the Iranian regime.”

In his interview, Issam Al Reis also sent a message for the Iranian people, saying “my message is that we enjoy fighting for freedom. We keep on fighting since we believe that freedom should’ve been realized long before.”

“It’s of great value getting rid of this dictatorship”, he added, “a regime we’ve been faced with for 60 years. I think that the Iranian people are faced with the same dictatorship as we are. My message to you is fight for your freedom, as the value of freedom is beyond imagination. Having a sense of freedom and getting out of all these years of dictatorship will provide you with the possibility to free your country. You have a beautiful country and culture, and a well-known heritage which deserves a free, democratic country.”