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The National Council of Resistance of Iran: To evade internal challenges, the Mullahs’ regime exports terrorism

Al-Seyassah Daily, Kuwait, April 3, 2011
Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCR), told Al-Seyassah that the presence of the Iranian regime’s spies attached to the Islamic Republic Guards Corps and to the Quds terrorist force in Kuwait, as well as setting the stage for terrorist activities in that country are part of the Iranian regime’s policy of exporting terrorism and fundamentalism which it badly needs for its survival.  Specifically, in confronting the widespread and everlasting uprisings of Iranian people throughout the country, Tehran’s need for exporting terrorism and taking intrusive actions against countries in the region has increased evermore.

He added that confronting the ruling mullahs of Iran –who are the worst enemies of Islam and Muslims– with steadfastness and taking firm actions is the only way to stop them from achieving their sinister objective of controlling the region. This regime only understands the language of force. Its reason for making the nuclear bomb, beyond and above anything else, is to upset the regional balance of power and gain total control over the countries in the region.

The Iranian government must be dealt with the severest sanctions not only because of its nuclear programs, but also for its cruel and systematic violation of human rights and exporting terrorism and fundamentalism and meddling into the affaires of its neighboring countries.

Mohaddessin said that, so far, this regime has executed more than 120 thousands political prisoners, including tens of thousands of women, most of whom were Muslims and Shiites. Islam and religion, for the mullahs, are nothing but an excuse for establishing its sovereignty and for intrusion into the other Islamic countries.