Thursday, February 29, 2024
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The Syrian National Coalition Welcomed Riyadh Declaration Against the Iran Regime


NCRI – Riad Seif, head of the Syrian National Coalition welcomed Riyadh’s statement. This statement which is issued at the end of 55 Arab, Islamic and America leaders and top officials summit in Riyadh stresses fighting terrorism in all its forms which include ISIL, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, Asad’s regime and Iran’s affiliated militia. Riad Seif said the Iranian regime with its support of the Assad’s criminal regime and sectarian militias in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen is behind the formation of terrorist organizations in the region.

Seif expressed that the regime in Tehran has a role of terrorism in Syria that killed hundred thousands of civilians and the displaced millions of people in the country. He also said: “The Iranian regime sponsors terrorism and all countries should fight against it and they should internationally isolate Iran”.

Seif expressed his hope that the results of the summit get fulfilled. Iranian regime’s militia forces be withdrawn from Syria and other countries in the region. He said: “As it was seen during the time of the former US president, Barack Obama, language of dialogue with the militants have had no benefits and should it be dealt with them decisively”. Seif also stressed that America’s president Donald Trump visit was “historical and regional priorities were identified and work for return of stability begun”.

Chairman of the Syrian National Coalition said: The Syrian Free Army is a true partner for all the forces fighting terrorism. Syrian rebels are simultaneously fighting ISIS, Al-Assad’s regime and Iran backed sectarian militias.