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Thousands Participate in “On the March to Freedom” Rally in Berlin, in Solidarity with the Iranian Resistance and Uprisings in Iran


On July 23, holding high the banners of the Free Iran World Summit 2022 and pictures of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, the leaders of the Iranian Resistance, thousands of Iranians gathered in Berlin and expressed their strong determination to carry on and commit to regime change in Iran.

Defiant and energized by the Iranian regime’s conspiracies and terrorist plots inside Albania that aimed to silence the voice of the resistance this year, supporters of the Iranian Resistance called on the international community to view the regime in Tehran for what it is and join their struggle to combat the religious fascism that has brought extremism and devastation to the Middle East and insecurity to other parts of the world.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s President-elect sent a video message to the rally.

“What is the correct and effective policy against the religious fascism ruling Iran and its Gestapo? The correct and effective response to religious fascism is one word, “firmness,” and not kowtowing,” Mrs. Rajavi said, adding: “The former German intelligence organization chief revealed the Iranian regime had been behind several terrorist operations after the signing of the JCPOA, but the Europeans kept silent because they did not want to jeopardize the Iran nuclear deal.”

“So, gentlemen, you missed out on the JCPOA and instead have to deal with the regime’s terrorism while it is getting closer to a nuclear bomb. Truly, for how long do you want to let the monster of terrorism and fundamentalism take you for a ride?”

“What kind of a policy is this? Its victims are western nationals in Iran. Of course, the main victims have always been and continue to be the Iranian people and Resistance.”


Several German lawmakers joined the grand rally and addressed the crowd by expressing their support of the National Council of Resistance in Iran and its principal organization with a strong network inside Iran, the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization.

Excerpts of the speeches are reflected below:

Eduard Lintner, Parliamentary State Secretary for the Federal Secretary of the Interior (1991-1998)

The Assadi case is not just a Belgian issue because Assadi is on the EU terror list. The Iranian regime threatens to take dual nationals as hostages. The sentence of Assadi was an important signal that the impunity of Iran’s regime is at an end. The question we must ask now is, can this bring change to Iran’s behavior? The answer is clearly no. We can’t allow Iran’s regime to take European hostages. We need a strategy change in our policy toward Iran’s regime.

A well-organized movement that can lead Iran to a democratic future exists. It is led by Mrs. Rajavi, the MEK, and the NCRI. They can really bolster our stance when we deal with Iran’s regime.


Dr. Franz-Josef Jung – Federal Minister of Defense (2005-2009)

The Iranian regime has shown violence and torture. We all should be aware that this regime wouldn’t be empowered more if it was not using violence to suppress the people of Iran.

Europe clearly sees that the people of Iran don’t want the theocracy of the mullahs and don’t want to return to the dictatorship of the Shah. They want democracy. Mrs. Rajavi has been presenting the ten-point plan for years. It promises success for Iran’s fantastic culture. Iran can quickly rise to become a powerful and striving country.

The Iranian regime must know its time is up. Iran will only be a serious partner of the world if it’s a free country and respects its people’s rights. We’re not there yet. We must support the Iranian Resistance to achieve this goal. Many Western governments still take the appeasement approach. This does not help the people of Iran. The deal we’ve seen in Belgium is just one example.


Christoph de Vries – Member of the Parliamentary Control Committee for the control of the federal intelligence services

Oppression and terror are a sign of weakness, not strength. Iran’s regime is on its way toward downfall. The treaty that the Belgium government is considering must not go through. Assadi played a part in a terror plot. He must not be freed. He must not enjoy impunity. If he is released, it will open the floodgates of terror in Europe.

We want a free and democratic Iran. Iran’s people want to get rid of the dictatorship regime. You have my support.


Today’s event also featured speeches of representatives of the Iranian youth associations and other Iranian communities in Europe. They admired the Iranian Resistance’s courage and its determination to topple the Iranian regime. They also called out the European powers’ appeasement policy toward the regime.

“We’re seeing cooperation between Germany and Iran’s regime in the past 40 years. During this time, the regime has executed more than 100,000 freedom fighters and exported terrorism across the globe. A regime diplomat tried to bomb a large resistance rally. We still haven’t seen the German government take any serious action in this regard” the representative of the Iranian youth communities said.

“This is a Resistance movement that is strong, organized, spread out across five continents, and with unprecedented legitimacy. This Resistance movement brought appeasers to their knees in a campaign that lasted 18 days in the streets of Europe and the Americas. This is the pride of any Iranian to have such an organization and movement,” a representative of the Iranian expert’s association said.

“The MEK has proven that they will not surrender to pressure, repression, or appeasement. They are a national treasure. They will bring the mullahs to their knees,” he concluded.