Monday, May 27, 2024

Women's Rights in Iran

In Iran, women’s rights are ruthlessly restricted, to the point where women are not allowed in sports stadiums where men’s sports are being played to watch. In regime ruling Iran, the constitution institutionalizes misogyny in the laws of the Mullahs’, dedicated to humiliating and terrorizing women in the country. Some of the worst laws are below:

  • Men are allowed multiple wives
  • Legal marriageable age for girls lowered from 18 to just nine
  • Women banned from leaving the house without approval from the male head of the household
  • Married girls could only continue studying with permission from their husband
  • Men inherit twice as much as women
  • Divorce is presided over by a religious Sharia judge
  • Female murder victims have less justice under the law for several reasons

The National Council of Resistance of Iran is dedicated to providing equal human rights for women across the country, to end the misogyny, and create complete gender equality in political, social, and economic arenas. All forms of discrimination against women will be abolished so they are able to enjoy the right to freely choose in Iran.