Monday, October 18, 2021
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Woman activist Arrested in Tehran

NCRI- An Iranian woman activist, Maryam Hossein Khah, was arrested by the Iranian regime security forces on November 17 in Tehran. The mullahs’ Magistrate, accused her of being involved in “public agitation” and “anti government propaganda.”

Hossein Khah, a well known journalist, was sent to Evin prison for writing on women’s rights and the need to change discriminatory laws against women. She was also charged for her participation in “One Million Signature Campaign.” The court has set equivalent of $100,000 bail to let her out of prison.

Maryam Hossein Khah was quoted as saying in Evin Prison, “This is the third time I come to Evin Prison. First time I came as a journalist to see the state of women prisoners…this time is all different. Now I am one of those unfortunate women prisoners. One of the hundreds of women who are locked for years within Evin’s tall walls where no one hears them; there is no law to defend them and neither their families nor anyone else hear them…”