IRAN: Call to investigate killings of 2 Balouchis under torture

NCRI - Two young Balouchi workers by the names of Molabakhsh Abbas Zehi, 25, and Naim Abbas Zehi, 23, were killed under torture on July 2 just three hours after their arrest by the Iranian regime’s Intelligence in Chabahar. These two laborers were from deprived families and had gone to work in Shiraz to earn a living. On their return to Chabahar they were arrested by regime’s intelligence agents while fasting. Two other brothers of Naim Abbas Zehi by the names of Shahjan and Cheragh are political prisoners in Zahedan prison.

Iran: Kurdish student Akam Talaj injured during Mahabad uprising dies

Martyred Kurdish student, Mr. Akam Talaj

Akam Talaj, 26-year-old Kurdish student and one of those wounded during the May 7 uprising of people of Mahabad, died on Monday, June 29, due to the severity of his wounds after much suffering.

He was from the city of Naqadeh and a student of Mahabad’s Free University. He was directly shot by revolutionary guards and hit by 40 pellets in the hand and stomach. He suffered internal bleeding and was hospitalized in the ICU section of a hospital in Urmia because of his critical condition.

IRAN: Clashes with repressive security forces in Fars province

NCRI - On Saturday, agents of the oppressive security forces raided Dehsheikh village in Lamerd (southern Fars Province) on the pretext of confiscating illicit goods. Among other things, they were looking to confiscate a truck carrying satellite dishes. The people in this area confronted the repressive forces and the clashes between people and security forces continued till Sunday. A number of the people and the assaulting force were injured in these clashes.

People closed the Dehsheikh-Lamerd road and clashed with the security forces who had confiscated their property and planned to transfer them. A number of the vehicles of the security forces’ station were set ablaze.

Iran: At least 900 arrested or flogged for not fasting in Ramadan

The Iranian regime's repressive forces have arrested and flogged at least 900 in the cities of Shiraz, Tabriz, Hamadan and Ilam alone, according to the reports published in state-run media in Iran.

Deputy Prosecutor in the city of Shiraz, Ali Keshavarz, confirmed that 500 have been arrested in Shiraz for not fasting. Of these 500, verdicts were issued for 480 cases within 24 hours. Most sentences were lashing and they were carried out by the henchmen from “Implementation of Verdicts Unit”. Many of the sentences, particularly against the youth, were carried out in public. Moreover, close to 3000 received “verbal or written warnings” and were subjected to street interrogations or persecution by the oppressive Basij forces.

Iran: Regime intensifies pressure on political prisoners in holy month of Ramadan

NCRI - The Iranian regime has installed new communication jamming devices in Hall 12 of Ward 4 of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison in Karaj to up the torture and pressure on the political prisoners.

This jamming device which that are said to be cancerous has placed the health of these prisoners at dire risk. These prisoners are constantly experiencing symptoms of dryness of mucus, muscle pains, severe headaches, blurry vision, vomiting and numbness.

Iranian Resistance condemns collaboration of Australian government and Tehran

Australia plans to extradite asylum-seekers back to Iran

Call on Australian parliament, political parties and human rights defenders to obstruct extradition of Iranian asylum-seekers

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the collaboration of the Australian government with the clerical regime ruling Iran against Iranian asylum-seekers and urges the Australian government to end its ill-treatment and expulsion of asylum-seekers and to grant them asylum.

The Iranian Resistance stresses that the Australian government is responsible for the security of Iranian refugees and asylum-seekers and urges Australia’s parliament, political parties, and refugee rights organizations to take urgent action to prevent the return of these asylum-seekers to Iran. It also calls on all Iranians residents in Australia to rush to the aid of their compatriots who have fled the mullahs’ nightmare of suppression, poverty and corruption.

Iran regime cuts off water to Qarchak Prison, threatens prisoners not observing Ramadan

Women in an Iranian prison

NCRI – In the heat of the summer, water has been cut off over the past days in Varamin's Qarchak Prison for Women, aggravating the already inhuman and intolerable conditions in this notorious jail, also known as Kahrizak II.

Qarchak Prison (in Varamin near Tehran) is also referred to as Qarchak Death Camp and was used by the Iranian regime as a place to brutally torture and rape those arrested during the 2009 anti-regime popular protests. The death of at least four young protesters under torture in Qarchak turned into a scandal for the Iranian regime.

Since Thursday, June 18, prison officials have been continuously making threats from loudspeakers to flog women who eat or drink during fasting hours.

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