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Iran: Political prisoners continue hunger strike in support of imprisoned teachers

NCRI- On Thursday May 7, the hunger strike of political prisoners of Karaj Gohardasht prison in support of imprisoned teachers and workers continued for the forth day. Up to 10 hunger strikers had been on hunger strike protesting the transfer of imprisoned teacher Rasoul Bodaghi to solitary confinement.

They are also protesting the arrest of Ebrahim Madadi and Dawood Razavi, two senior members of the Tehran Transit Bus union, and the arrest of teachers and workers including the Azadegan oil company. They were arrested by the regime's intelligence agents for their protest against mass firings of workers and engineers and replacing them with non-indigenous people.


Iran: Beating, battering, retrial of political prisoner and PMOI supporter Ali Moezzi

By bringing false charges and in a sham trial, henchmen gave him another year in prison although he has finished his prison term

NCRI- Mullahs’ regime judiciary condemned Mr. Ali Moezzi, 65, political prisoner and supporter of People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), to one more year in prison through fabricated allegations. On Monday, May 4, in a sham trial in city of Karaj, this sentence was communicated to Mr. Moezzi who had been forcibly transferred to the sham court.

Monday morning, henchmen summoned Mr. Moezzi to participate in the “court”. He stated in writing that he considers the “court” illegal and illegitimate and would not partake in it. Subsequently, a drove of criminals headed by an IRGC Major battered him. He was hit against the iron bars which caused an injury to his forehead with severe bleeding.


IRAN: Peddler loses his life as he commits self-immolation in protest to the tyranny of mullahs’ regime

NCRI - On Tuesday, April 21, Mr. Hamid Farrokhi, a deprived peddler in Tabriz who had committed self-immolation in protest to mullahs’ regime oppression on April 13 in front of the municipal building of District Eight in Tabriz, lost his life due to severity of his burns.

This man of 43 had referred to the municipality to get back his petty property that had been confiscated by the suppressive forces. They not only refused to return his trivial property as the only means of earning a living for his family, but ridiculed him who had threatened to commit suicide out of all kinds of pressures in his life and provoked him to do it.


IRAN: Executions in a week reaches 81

NCRI - Coincident with mass executions in the prisons of Ghezel-Hessar, Karaj and other cities, the anti-human regime of mullahs sent 16 other prisoners to the gallows in Mashhad and Birjand (northeastern Iran). Twelve of them were hanged collectively in Vakilabad prison of Mashhad on April 16, and the other four were executed in Birjand prison the following day. Thus, the number of executions from 12 to 18 April reached 81, meaning 12 executions per day.


IRAN: 65 executions in one week

Execution Iran

200 prisoners about to be executed in Karaj

Call on the youth to protest these criminal executions and express their sympathies to families of victims

NCRI - In face of extensive domestic and external crises, especially pursuant to one-step retreat in the nuclear negotiations, and concurrent with the expansion of protests by teachers and workers, as well as other strata of the society, the anti-human clerical regime has unprecedentedly ramped up executions in fear of growing popular uprisings. Over 70% of the executions have been carried out in secret and the clerical regime has not published any information on these atrocities.


Iran: Prisoners protest imminent execution of cellmates in two prisons in Karaj

Inmates throw stones at criminal prison guards and scream, "We won't let you kill us!"

Call to all human rights bodies for a widespread global campaign against human rights violations in Iran

NCRI - According to received reports, the prisoners in the Gohardasht prison and the Central prison in Karaj have launched a protest to save dozens of their cellmates who are on the verge of execution. Prisoners have attacked the criminal prison guards with rocks, broke glasses and entered the open air area. Sunday afternoon in the prison in Karaj, clashes continued with prison guards. Prisoners cried out loud "We will not let you kill us!"


IRAN: Political prisoners violently attacked during Easter

Three prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement, two of which went on hunger strike

Installation of high-powered cellular phone jamming devices in prisons causes physical and health problems among prisoners

NCRI - On Monday, Special Guards in Gohardasht Prison in the city of Karaj in Iran violently raided the section of the prison where political prisoners are being held and transferred a number of political prisoners to solitary confinement.


IRAN: Christians barred from holding Easter celebration in churches in northwestern city

NCRI - In the latest repressive measures taken against religious minorities in Iran, Iranian Christians in a northwestern city have been barred from holding Easter celebrations in churches.

On Saturday, the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (police) sent threatening letters to churches in the city of Urumiyeh warning them against holding gatherings for Easter celebrations.


IRAN: 12 prisoners secretly executed in a day

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s henchmen secretly hanged at least 12 inmates on Thursday (26 March 2015) in prisons in cities of Shiraz and Mashhad.

A group of five prisoners were hanged in a prison in the city of Mashhad in northeast Iran while another six were collectively hanged in Pirnia Prison in the city of Shiraz in southern Iran. On the same day, another prisoner was also hanged in Adelabad Prison in the same city.


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