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Iran: 9 killed and wounded as Security Forces attack villagers in Qeshm

The Iranian regime's State Security Forces (Police) shot and killed or wounded nine resident of an Iranian village in Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf during an attack on villagers on Saturday.


Iran: A year after Rouhani in office, regime takes a step further in suppression

The Iranian regime's parliament adopts legislation that makes “belief in and practical commitment to Velayat-e faqih” a precondition for establishing a political party or becoming its member

NCRI - A year after Hassan Rouhani took office, the anti-human regime took a new step in intensifying repression by adopting a new legislation that regulates the formation of parties and their activities and it provides legal justification to all-out suppression.‬


Iran: Call to save lives of 6 political prisoners on hunger strike

NCRI - The Iranian Resistance calls on all international and human rights organizations for urgent and effective action to save the lives of six political prisoners detained in Ghezel Hesar, Gohardasht and Tabriz Central prisons that are in critical conditions due to their hunger strike.


Iran: Four prisoners lashed in public

File photoNCRI - The inhuman clerical regime on Friday July 11 in a horrible action and inhumane punishment during the holy month of Ramadan flogged four people in public in Shiraz.

According to the Revolutionary Guard, Ahmad Ali Goudarzi, Fars Province police commander, two of them charged with eating during Ramadan and drinking were sentenced to 80 lashes.


Iran: Political prisoner dies under torture

NCRI - In yet another anti-human crime, Hamzeh Naroui, 23, a political prisoner from Balouchistan, passed away in Zahedan central prison on June 25 due to brutal tortures carried out by the torturers of the anti-human regime of mullahs. Five months earlier, his brother Ali Naroui had been also martyred under torture in Uromieh prison.