Iran: Political prisoner Shahrokh Zamani suspiciously loses his life in Gohardasht Prison

Shahrokh Zamani

Henchmen had repeatedly threatened to kill him
Call for an international fact-finding committee to investigate suspicious deaths of political prisoners

NCRI - Steadfast political prisoner Mr. Shahrokh Zamani from Iranian Azerbaijan suspiciously lost his life in Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison on Sunday afternoon, September 13. At 5 pm, his cellmates in Hall 12 of Ward 4 found his body in his bed with his mouth full of blood and a bruised head. He was with his cellmates until 10 am this morning and as always had a high spirit. He exercised regularly.

Iran: Sham trial of political prisoner Ali Moezzi for a third time on absurd charges

Mr. Ali Moezzi, a political prisoner

Mr. Moezzi’s sentence is finished and he should be released from prison

NCRI - On Sunday, September 6, the Iranian regime’s henchmen transferred Mr. Ali Moezzi, a political prisoner and supporter of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in shackles from Karaj Central Prison to a branch of the regime’s tyrannical courts dubbed “Tehran Revolutionary Court”. He was “tried” for a third time by a henchman mullah known as Judge Moqissa for “propaganda against the regime”. Mr. Moezzi emphasized the unlawful nature of the court, and in protest to his forcible transfer and fresh fabrication of charges against him, he refused to respond to the charges or the questions posed by this criminal judge.

Iran: Call to save 13 prisoners about to be executed

NCRI - The Iranian Resistance is calling for saving the lives of 13 prisoners in Ghezel-Hessar Prison of Karaj and Bandar Abbas Prison who have been transferred to solitary confinement in preparation for their executions and it urges international human rights institutions to take urgent action to halt these criminal executions.

On Sunday, September 6, eleven prisoners on death row in Ghezel-Hessar Prison and two more in Bandar Abbas Prison were transferred to solitary confinement for their executions.

A day prior, a 45-year-old prisoner and father of six was hanged in the central prison of Zabol.

Iran: Arrest of 3 teachers in Tehran and Sanandaj

NCRI Education Committee calls for nationwide teachers’ protest on October 5

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s intelligence agents arrested three honorable teachers in Tehran and Sanandaj on Monday, August 31. Messrs Mehdi Bohlouli and Mohammadreza Nicknejad were arrested in raids to their homes in Tehran with the intelligence agents seizing their personal belongings, including their computers. Mr. Ali Hossein Panahei was arrested in the city of Sanandaj. Three days earlier he had invited people in a speech to resist discrimination and repression by the Iranian regime.

Iran: 16 executions in 3 days

The inhuman mullahs’ regime in Iran hanged 16 prisoners in various cities on August 26, 27 and 29.

On August 26, in addition to the criminal execution of political prisoner Mr. Behrouz Alkhani in Urumia Prison, twelve other prisoners were collectively hanged in prisons in Kermanshah and Urumia. The Iranian regime has so far refrained from publishing information on those executed.

Iran: Savage raid on prisoners in Evin Prison and Zahedan’s central prison

NCRI - On Thursday, August 27, Evin Prison guards attacked wards seven and eight and inspected prisoners’ belongings. These wards are allocated to ordinary prisoners but the regime’s henchmen have transferred a number of political prisoners to these wards to increase pressure on them. During these raids prisoners are always harassed and humiliated and some of their belongings are always confiscated or stolen by the henchmen or otherwise destroyed. Six weeks ago Evin Prison guards raided these same wards.

Iran: Criminal execution of Kurdish political prisoner Behrouz Alkhani

execution in Iran

NCRI - The Iranian Resistance offers its condolences to the family and friends of Kurdish political prisoner Behrouz Alkhani and to the Kurdish people for his criminal execution and calls on all compatriots, especially the youth throughout the country, to rise up against these cruel executions, especially the execution of political prisoners, and to support the families of those executed and the families of the political prisoners.

Stop Executions In Iran

Interview with former Iranian political prisoner Mostafa Naderi 

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