Iran: Execution of 46 people in 9 days

The clerical regime hanged at least 46 prisoners in cities across the country from August 2 to August 10. 26 of them were political prisoners.

Publication of Montazeri’s shocking audio recording during a meeting

with the “death commission” after 28 years; the imperative of putting the clerical regime’s leaders on trial for crime against humanity

The publication of a shocking audio tape in which the former heir to then-Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Khomeini, a meeting with members of the “death commission” 28 years ago (August 15, 1988) reveals new information about the scope and breadth of the massacre of political prisoners at the time.

IRAN: Criminal execution of Kurdish political prisoner, Mohammad Abdollahi, after six years imprisonment

The anti-human clerical regime hanged Kurdish political prisoner, Mohammad Abdollahi, 35, in Orumiyeh Central Prison this morning, Tuesday, August 9. This fellow Kurd, a native of the city of Bukan, was shot and arrested in March 2011 by the IRGC intelligence unit.

Despite the fact that Mohammad Abdollahi was suffering from severe wounds and a broken leg and hand, the IRGC torturers and interrogators transferred him to solitary confinement and subjected him to brutal torture for months. He was then sentenced to death on the mullah-made charge of “Moharebeh” (waging war against God) by the regime’s Judiciary.

Iran: Clashes in front of Orumiyeh prison and arrest of families of prisoners

Following the transfer of Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Abdollahi and six ordinary inmates of Orumiyeh prison to solitary confinement for the implementation of their death sentence, a number of families of prisoners who had come to Orumiyeh for a final visit to their children, staged a protest in front of the prison. In response to the concerned families, prison henchmen said: "Do not gather here. We will call you later to come and pick up their bodies." MOIS agents also threatened the protesting families that in case of interviews and sharing information on the execution of their loved ones, they will not be able to get their bodies. This was followed by a brutal raid on the rally by henchmen where a number of families were arrested.

IRAN: 11 prisoners in Orumiyeh and Karaj at imminent risk of execution

Mohammad Abdollahi, Kurdish political prisoner is among prisoners transferred for execution

The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations, particularly the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and international human rights organizations to take urgent action to prevent the execution of Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Abdollahi and 10 other prisoners who are on the verge of execution in the prisons of Orumiyeh and Karaj.

Iran: Execution of nuclear expert Shahram Amiri upon Khamenei’s order to intimidate others

Upon the orders of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the regime’s executioners sent nuclear expert Shahram Amiri to the gallows after seven years of imprisonment. Shahram Amiri’s execution, whose news was published by his family, was carried out despite the fact that the mullahs’ judiciary had sentenced him to 10 years of imprisonment and five years of exile on the charge of “relationships with hostile governments”.

Iran: Names of 25 Sunni political prisoners mass executed

The number of Sunni political prisoners who were hanged on August 2 in Gohardasht prison on the order of Khamenei reaches 25. They are Shahram Ahmadi, 29; two brothers by the names of Kaveh and Arash Sharifi, 32 and 26; three brothers by the names of Mohammad Yavar, Mokhtar and Bahman Rahimi, 31, 33 and 38; Kaveh Vaisi32, Behrouz Shahnazari, 31; Taleb Maleki, 31; Ahmad Nassiri, 35; Shahou Ebrahimi, 31; Pourya Mohammadi, Aalem Barmashti, Varya Ghaderifard, Keivan Momenifard, Idris Nemati, Farzad Honarjoo, Mohammad Gharibi, Keivan Karimi, Amjad Salehi, Omid Payvand, Ali Mojahedi (Ali Iraqi), Hekmat Sharifi (Hekmat Iraqi), Omar Abdollahi (Hamzeh Iraqi) and Omid Mahmoudi.

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