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Iran: Prisoner of conscience hanged for ‘different interpretation of Quran’

NCRI - The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, as well as all international human rights organizations to strongly condemn the execution of prisoner of conscience Mr Mohsen Amir Aslani on charges of “corruption on earth; changing Islam’s principles and secondary laws; and new interpretation of Quran”. It further calls for adoption of binding decisions against the growing number of arbitrary executions by the religious fascism ruling Iran.


Iran: Regime acknowledges rise in popular enmity towards its leaders

NCRI - In the recent weeks, regime’s suppressive forces have conducted extensive arrests of the youth for dissemination of jokes or insulting material against Ruhollah Khomeini, the regime's founder and Ali Khamenei, the regime's Supreme Leader.


Maryam Rajavi calls for release of imprisoned Iranian Dervishes

NCRI- The Iranian regime's suppressive forces arrested some 500 Gonabadi dervishes Saturday morning, September 20. They planned to gather at 11 a.m. in front of Tehran’s Prosecutor’s Office in solidarity with the imprisoned dervishes who are on hunger strike. The families of the prisoners who are on strike and a large number of women and children are amongst the arrestees. They are requesting to meet their imprisoned families and relatives who are in critical condition after 21 days of hunger strike. They are saying that if their brothers are to be victimized in prison, they too would want to join them. Their sole crime is that they are dervish.


Plainclothes patrols suppress women and youth in cities across Iran

NCRI - The clerical regime in Iran is intensifying suppression of Iranian women and youth by patrolling in public places especially streets of Tehran under the pretext of "promotion of virtue and prevention of vice".

The head of “Ansar-e-Hezbollah” para-military force announced “widespread patrolling especially in Tehran to promote virtue and prevent vice.”


Iran: Imprisoned Dervishes on hunger strike demand justice

NCRI - In a statement entitled 'The Will', Gonabadi Dervishes imprisoned in Iran who continue their hunger strike that began on August 31, call on freedom-loving people to bring to justice the Iranian regime's authorities involved in torturing prisoners.


Iran: Official admits hands of five prisoners amputated in secret last year

NCRI - Mohammad Reza Habibi, former public prosecutor of Isfahan Province, admitted five inmates’ hands were amputated in this province’s prisons in the past year alone.

On September 7th at his farewell session he admitted that these crimes were carried out in secret and “due to the enmity of foreign media outlets.” He said to be at the “front lines of the fight against crimes and providing security”, Isfahan’s judiciary carried out these verdicts based on Khamenei’s orders with “speed, precision and firmness”.


Iranian Resistance calls to save political prisoners on hunger strike

NCRI -The Iranian Resistance calls for saving the lives of seven political prisoners on hunger strike, especially Mr. Karim Moussazadeh who has gone on hunger strike since 28 days ago and urges all international bodies and human rights organizations to take effective measures to save their lives and to look into their demands.


Iran - Human Rights: Public hanging of prisoners continues unabated

The Iranian regime's henchmen continue public hanging of prisoners in cities across Iran. At least six prisoners have been hanged in public in less than three weeks.

One prisoner was hanged in public on Wednesday (September 3) in city of Savadkuh in northern Iran.


Iran - Human Rights: 15 executed on September 1, 2014

NCRI - Further reports regarding executions in recent days reveal that just on September 1, the clerical regime has executed 15 prisoners.

At least 10 prisoners from Ghezel Hessar Prison of Karaj were collectively hanged.These prisoners have been involved in recent protest in prison, the reports said.


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