Iran: Ongoing executions, torture and floggings in holy month of Ramadan

The inhumane mullahs’ regime is continuing its use of mass executions, barbaric punishments, floggings and widespread arrests during the holy month of Ramadan, which is considered amongst Muslims in Iran and all other Islamic countries as a period of friendship, kindness and benevolence.

IRAN: Notorious prosecutor of Zahedan threatens to suppress Sistan and Baluchistan University students

NCRI - The clerical regime’s notorious prosecutor in Zahedan, south-eastern Iran, has threatened a new crackdown on students of Sistan and Baluchistan Province in order to create a climate of fear.

According to the state-run Mizan News Agency, Mohammad Marzieh announced on June 7, that he would investigate the case of dancing in a ceremony by students at the University of Sistan and Baluchistan.

Iranian Resistance calls for urgent action to save lives of ill and hunger-striking political prisoners

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Arbitrary Detentions, Torture and Right to Life to take urgent and effective action for the unconditional release of political prisoners and providing the necessities for them to enjoy fast and necessary medical care. The religious fascism ruling Iran is not only neglecting the political prisoners’ rightful demands, including follow-ups on the status of their cases, fair trials and/or medical care, in fact this regime is forging bogus charges and various other hindering measures in attempts to further torture and harass them.

Iran: Inhumane regime rendered atrocity in sports arena

The criminal mullahs ruling Iran, who consider the Iranian people as their slaves, have filled this country with their reactionary ideas and viewpoints during their horrific 37-year rule and forced this nation back decades as a result. This regime is now insulting and disrespecting sports fans in stadiums to thus cement a climate of fear amongst the youths and prevent them from rising to resist their rule.

Iran: Oppressive measures intensified out of fear for expansion of social protests on pretext of Ramadan

Mullah Ahmad Zargar, secretary of the suppressive “Promotion of virtue and prevention of vice” institute, announced that to speed up the processing of files related to those arrested by this institution, “Special branches to process the cases of ‘Promotion of virtue and prevention of vice’ have been established in the justice departments throughout the country, as well as the Court of Justice and the Supreme Court.” He added that “Directives for the formation of councils of ‘Promotion of virtue and prevention of vice’ in organizations, ministries, religious boards, and even mosques” have been issued.

Iran: call to revoke young man’s death sentence

At least 73 prisoners executed in May

The Iranian Resistance is calling for the cancellation of a death sentence issued for Mohammad Reza Haddadi, aged 15 at the time of his alleged crime, and requests from all human rights organizations, especially the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on Arbitrary Executions and UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran to take urgent action aimed at forcing the cancellation of this criminal execution. Haddadi has been held in Adel Abad Prison of Shiraz, central Iran, for the past 13 years.

Iran: 35 young men and women receive 99 lashes each for participating in graduation ceremony

On May 25, the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces raided a party following a graduation ceremony in Qazvin and arrested 35 young men and women. On that same day, all of them were condemned in the regime’s sham courts to 99 lashes and the sentences were immediately carried out by criminals dubbed “Moral Security Police”.

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