Iran: Noise Diffusion on the Ward of Political Prisoners in Gohardasht Prison

Since March 1st, the henchmen of the clerical regime in Gohardasht prison in Karaj have intensified noise diffusion on the ward of political prisoners in order to disrupt communication and to prevent leaking the news about the dire situation of prisons and to torture and exert more pressure on them.

This inhumane act has caused nausea, lack of appetite, dizziness, severe headaches and diarrhea among prisoners and in the long term will have complications much more destructive such as cancer. However henchmen have refused to treat the prisoners.

Iran: MOIS Second Conspiracy to Prevent Release of Ali Moezzi

Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights authorities, especially the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in Iran, and the Special Rapporteur on Arbitrary Arrests, to take immediate and effective measures to secure the release of political prisoner, Mr. Ali Moezzi.

Iranian Resistance Calls on Int'l Community for Release of Ahmad Montazeri

Khamenei terrified of Justice Movement, people’s anger over the regime’s crimes, especially the 1988 massacre

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the arrest of Mr. Ahmad Montazer by the religious fascism ruling Iran and calls on all international human rights organizations and freedom of expression advocates, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council, to take urgent action for his release.

Condemning the Arrest of Iranian Asylum Seeker in Canada and Warning Against the Serious Danger of Her Deportation

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the arrest and deportation order of Ms. Roghayeh (Mina) Azizi Mirmahaleh, an Iranian asylum seeker in Montreal, Canada, and calls on the Parliament, political parties, and refugee and human rights organizations in Canada to take immediate and effective measures to prevent the expulsion or extradition of this Iranian dissident.

Iran: Two Former Political Prisoners Rearrested, Call for Their Release

NCRI - The Iranian regime’s repressive forces rearrested two former political prisoners by the names of Misters Mohammad Banazadeh Amir Khizi, 71, and Assadollah Hadi, 57, on Saturday night, February 18th, and Sunday morning, February 19th. These arrests took place in a span of a few hours and the two were transferred to Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.

Iran: Authorities Suffer Inmate to Death in Ardebil Prison

In a shocking crime in Ardebil Prison, northwest Iran, authorities chained an inmate by the name of Abbas Alipour to a light pole in the prison courtyard and left him in the winter cold. This hideous torture method continued for many days and nights, resulting in the prisoner’s death on February 15th.

This vicious practice has turned into a trending method in the regime’s prisons. Prior to this Mohammad Saber Malek Reisis from Iran’s Baluch minority, an exiled political prisoner, was chained in this prison’s courtyard for 14 hours.

Iran: 13 Prisoners Executed

Nine prisoners on death row, three verdicts for hand amputation

The mullahs' regime's henchmen sent 10 inmates to the gallows in Qum and Zabol on February 13. One of them was executed while his appeal had been sent to the regime's judiciary. Also, three other prisoners, 29 and 30 years old, were executed in Jiroft and Mashhad prisons on February 11 and 12.

1988 massacre in Iran


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