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Iran: Mullahs’ parliament censors own report on Sattar Beheshti’s case

NCRI – The report on the case Sattar Beheshti, dissident blogger who died in cutody, was censored in the Iranian regime’s parliament and the reason for Sattar’s death was deleted from the report.

Mehdi Davatgary, member of the regime’s parliament who oversees the case of Sattar Beheshti, said that during reading the report in the open session of the parliament a paragraph of the report was eliminated. But Ali Larijani, parliament speaker, said that Davatgary told him no paragraph was deleted.

Although the report is prepared so to cover up the crime, it contains several elements which point out the crime committed by the law enforcement authorities of the clerical regime.  The report reads: “The most possible cause of death could be the phenomenon of shock which is the result of beating and blow to the sensitive parts of the body or severe psychological stress.”

The report adds: “During legal investigation of the case, some of the agents confessed they breached the law in treating the deceased.”

According to the report, the place where Iranian regime’s cyber police detained Sattar Beheshti is not considered a “detention center” and there is “no justification for keeping him there” and the place “did not have minimum legal standards.”