NCRI - The female political prisoner, Sedighe Moradi who was herself the prisoner of the 60s, witnessed the horrible Massacre in the summer of 1988.She is now also serving time in Evin prison in a critical situation, where the agents of the Mullahs' regime exert continuous pressure on her. Sedighe Moradi in a letter discloses the crimes committed by the regime in the 80s. She calls on authorities and human rights organizations to legally prosecute the perpetrators of the Massacre of 1988.

A part of the letter reads:

"I am Sedighe, born in 1960.I was charged and imprisoned in 1981 for supporting the People’s Mujahidin Organization (PMOI/MEK). I was initially transferred to Ghezel Hesar and then to Evin Prison.
In those times I witnessed how some prisoners were separated from us and shot by gun. By counting the shots at night, we could recognize that the prisoners were killed. I was again arrested in 1985 and served my time in Evin Prison.

I was one of the witnesses of the great Massacre of 1988 that it continued from July to August of that year. Many prisoners were separated from the ward which I was in and they were executed after that. The friends who bade farewell and never came back. Our friends such as Azadeh Habib, Ashraf Fadai, Monireh Rajavi, Mansoureh Moslehi and many of those who were arrested, and I cannot remember their names. I witnessed those whose verdict was issued and were executed. They even executed those who were not mentally and psychologically balanced. In one of the wards, only one person was left and the rest of the prisoners were executed. I can never forget those days. The pictures and incidents have stuck in my mind.

No word can describe the brutalities.

I was again arrested for the third time and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment by the Judge Moghiseh in 2011.

I have an eighteen-year-old daughter and I haven't seen her for 5 years although I am 56 years old and suffering from different sorts of diseases.

As the witness of the Massacre of 1988, I call on human rights organizations, organs and all of those who seek truth, freedom, and humanity to legally prosecute the perpetrators of the Massacre of 1988 in order to reclaim the rights of those who were innocent. They must not withhold any attempt to follow the case."

Sedighe Moradi




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