Rouhani's Support for the IRGC Missile Attack on Syria

NCRI - Following the announcement of Hassan Rouhani's support for IRGC missile attack to Deirazor, Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi, the intelligence minister said: "The decision to launch missile attack on Syria" was taken at the Supreme Council of Security and Rouhani, as head of the Security Council ordered armed forces to go ahead with the plan. It was approved by the top officials of the system. Alavi also emphasized the role of the Ministry of Information in providing intelligence to IRGC in connection with the attack.

Iran Regime's Leader: It Is Naive to Think UNESCO 2030 Agenda Is Not Binding

 NCRI - Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Wednesday lashed out at President Hassan Rouhani for accepting the terms of the UNESCO 2030 Agenda agreement.

“The fact that some people say this agreement is not binding is naïve. All aspects of this agreement are binding and if due action is not taken they will take action against us,” he said.

Diverse Narratives of IRGC and Iran's Administration, Over Missile Attack on ISIS

NCRI - Regime’s official’s expressions and Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) statements about the attack on "ISIL positions in Syria" are at odds. The most important difference is related to the role of the regime's intelligence ministry in identifying the targets of the attack, which IRGC is completely denying it. IRGC’s Public Relations in a statement released on Wednesday, June 31, 2017 announced, describing “some details of its missile's operation”.

Iran Regime's Dead End With Its Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

NCRI - The US Senate has adopted the “Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017” bill and left the Iranian regime trembling with fear. Media outlets in the country have described the bill as the “black hole” of sanctions.

The bill is so comprehensive that it does not leave the Iranian regime with a lot of choice but to comply.

Iran Regime's Official: Not Relived From Earlier Sanctions, We Are Faced With New Ones

NCRI - The internal crisis of the Iranian regime continues to intensify following the adoption of new sanctions by the US Senate. A Khamenei’s faction newspaper in an editorial titled, “black hole” has written: "The sanctions imposed by the US Senate, together with charging the Iranian government and in particular the Revolutionary Guards for supporting terrorism, will allow the IRGC to be black listed for terrorism and consequently the full sanctioning of it.

Sky News Report on Increasing U.S. Sanctions Against Iran Regime

NCRI - New punishing measures adopted in the US Senate reflect the message of Washington to Tehran that the era of dialogue is over.

Sky News TV, 17 June 2017:

Following the imposition of new punishing measures by the US against Iran, the parliament of this country threatened to take retaliatory action against the laws of Congress. This is an escalating crisis threatening the diplomatic nuclear agreement reached a few years ago between Iran and the US.

Ruler Is Chosen by God, Not the People – Democracy Is for the West: Iranian Regime's Official

NCRI - Mullah Makarem Shirazi, a Mullah close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, in his remarks on Saturday emphasized democracy is for the West.

“We must not say the ruler is chosen by the people. Democracy (West) is something imposed on people out of no other choice, and this is actually not a popular state ruled by the people… the Imam (read supreme leader) is not to be chosen by the people, as the Imam is appointed through God’s ruling,” he said.

Khamenei admits Syria war aimed at preventing popular uprisings against Iran regime inside the country

NCRI - Iran regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Sunday emphasized the fact that his regime’s terrorist and criminal meddling in regional countries are aimed at preventing what he called war (uprisings) in Iran’s cities.

“If the shrine defender martyrs had not existed, today we would have to be fighting the sedition elements in Iran’s cities, as they intended to enter Iran through Iraq’s borders…,” he said in a visit with members of the families of such foot-soldiers killed in Iraq and Syria.

Infighting Within the Iran Regime Factions Escalates, After the U.S. Senate New Sanctions

NCRI - The U.S. Senate recently approved sanctions against Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has escalated the infighting war of wolves within the Iranian regime’s system. "Passive diplomacy”, "gesture of detente”, and "what America has learned from Rouhani’s strategic actions", are phrases that authorities, Khamenei’s faction members and media have expressed in response to new sanctions.

Onward With Iranian Resistance: Regime Change Is Within Reach

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